Saturday, 2 March 2013

♥ February Favourites! ♥

It's that time of the month again - time for monthly favourites! February has flown by and I can't believe it is already march! Anyway I have compiled another favourites of the month and lets jump into the beauty portion!
Beauty Favourites -
First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream
At the begging of the year my skin went really dry and well a bit flaky due to how cold it was, and well my regular moisturiser wasn't adding enough moister into my skin so well. I heard that First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream, was great for dry skin and like it says in the name it repairs. I tried it out and well WOW! It's amazing, it's a thick cream that's easy to apply and it defiantly did the trick!
Beauty Blender
I have had my Beauty Blender for quite sometime and I go through stages of loving it then going onto something else to blend my foundation in, but I have to say this is the most I have loved this ever! I have been using this not using for my foundation but for my concealer and some times to pat Mac - Fix+ into my skin. I would defiantly recommend this if your loving for a special sponge to apply your make-up, you might be wondering why it is so special two reason - 1, Soak in water and squeeze water out, the sponges expands and it helps to apply product evenly - 2, It has a wide end and a pointed end for getting into all the areas of your face!
Urban Decay - The Feminine Palette
Once again I have had this palette since about the end of last summer and well to be honest I have never really used it but in the last month I have fallen in love with this - mainly because of one colour in particular which is "Stray Dog" which is a medium brown with almost light brown/ gold under tones. I have been wearing it lighter on my lids and putting more into my crease and blending it out, it looks gorgeous! If you would like a tutorial then just let me know and I would be happy to do one for you!
Benefit - Hoola
You would of all heard of Benefits boxed powders and well there one of my favourite products on the market and well these "Hoola" bronzer is a matt brown which is perfect for contouring! If your looking for a high end bronzer please try this!
Revlon - Colourburst Lipgloss in Lilac Crystals
This lipgloss is gorgeous on it is a mid toned pink which purple/blue undertones - which might sound a little bit weird if you don't under sand what I mean but this brings out your lips and it looks natural - not overdone!
Leighton Denny - Sundae Girl
If your looking for a pastel pink/ lilac then this is the colour for your. It is one of my favourite pastel nail polishes, it applies well and you only need two coats, it also lasts well on your nails as long as you apply a base coat and a top coat.
Models Own - Mini Trio Glitter Nail Polishes
( Pink Fizz, Blizzard and Southern Lights)
I left my work almost a month ago and well it's been great but anyway one of the parents (if you didn't know I used to work in a private nursery) always complemented me on my nails and we used to always talk about things like that and for me leaving she got me a few gift and one of them was this mini trio of Models Own glitter nail polishes, I have uses all three of them, they are gorgeous on and the colours are beautiful I especially like Southern Lights as it is like nothing I have ever owned.
 Randomly Random Favourites -
Chicago Fire
Chasing the Saturdays
Ant and Dec- Saturday Night Takeaway
The Avengers
The Vow
Monsters Inc
(There is a sequel coming out in the summer called " Monsters University"! I have the date in my dairy, Monsters Inc is one of my all time favourite movies!)
Justin Timberlake - Mirrors
One Direction - One Way or Another
(Check the video out - Comic Relief single)
Taylor Swift - Red
Demi Lavato - Heart Attack
Adele - Skyfall
If you have read by blog before you may notice somethings different? Well the answer is Yes!. The lovely Becky from Beauty Becky has re-designed my blog! She has done an amazing job and I would like to say a massive Thank-You to Becky as she has been so kind and patient which me while I was making my mind up and chopping and changing ideas! She listened to everything I said and she was very helpful. If you also have a blog and would like it professionally done then click on the like above I defiantly recommend her!
I also left my job, and walking out of the place on my last day felt amazing! And if you work in a place that makes you unhappy bite the bullet and try and find somewhere that you enjoy as that's what I did and it made me much happier!
I hope you enjoyed and if you would like a review of any of the products listed above then just let me know. I want to know what your monthly favourites where - comment below!
Thanks for reading!


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