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♥ Updated Skin Care Routine #3 ♥

Today I am going to share with you my updated skin care routine for the third time! So I guess you could say that I have changed my skin care up quite a bit but I really am happy with this there is a couple of products I would like to change and try other things, but the other things are a bit out of my reach just now especially since I am on a spending ban. Any way I will go into more detail about that later! Lets just get right into it....

I should also say I'm going to show you all the products I use on my skin whether its from morning skincare, night time skincare or special treatments. I will also include products that I use on spots or on my eyes just really every thing and I'll explain when I use the products and how! And lastly my skin type is dry to normal.

Removing & Cleaning -

To remove my eye make-up I use Simple - Kind to Eyes - Eye Make-up Remover, for everyday use I find this is the best purely down to its only around the £3.99 mark. If I could I would use MAC - Pro Eye Make-up Remover I've had a large bottle of this before and loved it. But the simple one is similar basically the important thing is it does the job it was created for! I normally use this both morning and night. Night time to get all my eye make-up off and in the morning just to make sure that there is nothing on my eyes and I'm doing my make-up on a completely clean face.

To remove all my face make-up I use Simple - Kind to Skin - Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser, I love this it really does take all your make-up off and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth! I use this morning and night every single day. To make sure all the dirt is off my skin and that its really clean I use Simple - Kind To Skin - Moisturising Facial Wash, I normally use this just at night time but if my skin is having a bad day I will also use it in the morning. I like using these two products together they defiantly work well and they are priced well.

Cleansing & Toning -

If you wanted a simple skin care routine then you could skip this part but I think this is a really important part and has made my skin looking better. Using a cotton pad I massage Simple - Kind to Skin - Purifying Cleansing Lotion, this again gets more dirt off my skin and you would be surprised that even after washing my face twice there is still a little bit of dirt! I also use this morning and night.

I don't really know if Simple - Kind to Skin - Smoothing Facial Toner is really doing much to my skin but the hope is that in the long run it will help my skin a lot. I use this on a cotton pad and again massage it into my skin, I also use this morning and night.

Moisturising -

I have dry to normal skin so moisturising is really important for me in fact its crucial! I have a day time and a night time moisturiser both do completely different jobs but I do sometimes use my night time moisturiser during the day if my skin is particularly dry. I use Garnier - Dark Spot Corrector during the day once I have decided if it works I will do a review but I want to be completely sure about my answer before I do a review. This is a illuminating moisturiser so is good for the day time but when ever I get a spot whenever it finally leaves it will leave a mark other wise known as a dark spot they really bother me and it had them so I am hoping this is going to remove them. If you know of any products that help with dark spot please leave the name of them in the comments below it would be really helpful! At night time I use First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream, this stuff is amazing I love it it makes my skin really soft and I couldn't have survived the cold winter days of the UK without it!

Spot Treatment -

For those really annoying spots that most of us get (if you don't get any I am incredibly jealous!) I use a mixture of Origins - Super Spot Remover I am currently on the fence about this product I used to think this product worked amazingly but now I am not so sure. I use it sparingly especially since it is such a tiny bottle. I also really love Sudocrem it might sound a bit bizarre but this stuff is amazing! I love it and it is and has been a staple in my skincare for a long time. It does help with spots and redness and well I love it all I have to say! I have got a separate post on how I get rid of spot featuring the two products above, I will link the post here.

Eyes -

Since eyes are the first so show anything it doesn't hurt to take care of them, I use Simple - Kind to Eyes - Soothing Eye Balm, I can't really say if this works well or not. It's the only eye cream I have ever used. I know that it won't be the best and well you can tell when you put it on its quite liquidy if that makes since, it's a creamy or balm type texture but I am going to use it up and then maybe try something else so any suggestions are well come.

Exfoliating -

I use the same exfoliator as in my last skin care routine, Neutrogena - Visibly Clear - Blackhead Eliminating Triple Action Cleanser, (what is with companies and there long product names!) I use this as a weekly mask but I feel that it's not working as well as it used to so I am also on the market for a new weekly mask so once again your suggestions would be appreciated!

I hope you enjoyed this updated skincare routine, this is the happiest I've been with my skin care ever and I really do recommend most of the products. If you have any product suggestions please leave them in the comments.

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