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♥ Selena Gomez at SXSW Spring Breakers Premiere - Inspired Make-up♥

Today I am going to share with you a tutorial for the make-up that Selena Gomez wore to the SXSW Music + Film Festival in Austin, Texas for the Spring Breakers Premiere. Her make-up was absolutely gorgeous and perfect for spring which is almost here? (Hopefully, even though it was snowing where I live today!) As always Selena looked flawless and I had to re-create this and share it with you as I love it so much and I'm really excited to share it with you!



Selena's outfit was also very spring like and very colourful which I loved, it certainly brighted my day up! I just wish I had her body to wear it! Her outfit was by Dolce & Gabbana - Spring 13 Tropical Print Cropped Bustier Top and Orange High Waist Pencil Skirt with nude Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

- I am starting by spraying Mac - Fix+ all over my face, I like to do this before I start my make-up as it acts like a base as gives the foundations a nice effect and it also helps it last longer which is always a bonus.

- Selena's skin was quite natural but it was still flawless as you can't see any blemishes or uneven skin tones that Selena probably doesn't have. I am using my favourite Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer to cover any blemishes or dark spots up so that my skin is as even as I could possibly get it. I used a Real Techniques - Deluxe Crease Brush, I love using this for concealer as it blends it in really well and it gives the concealer a good look if that makes sense?!

- For foundation I am using Mac - Face and Body, this foundation looks very similar to the one Selena was wearing it gives a similar look to the skin and also gives great coverage when buffed into the skin. I wouldn't actually be surprised if this was the foundation the she was wearing. I am using a buffing brush by Real Techniques because it works the foundation it to the skin.

- I'm then going to lightly dust a little bit of Rimmel - Stay Matte Pressed Powder onto my t-zone (along my forehead then down my nose and chin). I am only really applying this to set my foundation as Selena's skin didn't look like it had much or any powder.

- I am now going to contour my face and add a bit of colour to my face using Benefit - Hoola, I am doing this lightly but you still want it to be sightly noticeable. (Remember to blend!)

- Selena has a very natural blush on that is a very neutral colour, I have used Mac - CremeBlush in LadyBlush as it is a good shade that gives the cheeks some colour but it isn't powerful or too colourful as that not how Selena has her blush. From the photo I don't think Selena has much or any highlight on her cheekbones so I've just left it out.

- Now I'm moving onto the eyebrows and I'm not going crazy with them I am keeping then very natural and just filling in sparse areas with Elf - Eyebrow Kit and then setting them with Mua - Clear Mascara.

- To prime my eyes I am starting with Rimmel - Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer (props to whoever came up with that name! Very Creative!) And I am just blending this all over my eyelid, I am still trying this out to see what I really think of it but it does have a nice finish to it!
- For my eyeshadow I am using one palette which is Elf - 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette and below I have a picture with different coloured boxed I am now going to tell you which shadow out of the palette I am going to use using the colours of the boxes (make sense?!) I am using the colour in the green box all over my lid, I am then using the colour in the blue box in my crease and blending it out so that it's softer. In my outer corner I am using the colour in the yellow box just to darker it up and give it a little intensity. I am then blending the colours and making then softer. Selena's lower lash line is really well defined, I am using a matt black eyeshadow form the same elf eyeshadow palette which is in the pink box below.

- I am using Mac - Fluidline in BlackTrack along my upper lash line, I am keeping it simple so I'm not adding a wing or making it to thick. You can leave it at that as we will be using false eyelashes and then you can either add more gel liner once your lashes are on or add some black eyeshadow.

- I am now curling my eyelashes and applying a few coats of Mua - Mega Volume Mascara on my upper and lower lashes. I am using false eyelashes as Selena's eyelashes were amazing very long and looked very glamorous, the lashes I'm using are Eylure- Girls Aloud Kimberly Lashes these are perfect and look identical to Selena's. I also recommend using false eyelashes if your going to re-create this look as it really brings it together.

- Since we're using a really bright colour on our lips I recommend exfoliating your lips just so the colour goes on smoothly, normally if your going to use a bright colour you should also use a lip liner to avoid your lipstick bleeding and so it lasts longer and makes the colour really stand out but there is no coral lip liners on the high street that I could find! And I didn't have time to go into town and get a high-end coral lip liner as I really wanted to get this up asap as I love it so much and as I don't normally wear bright coral lips but I quite like them what do you think? Do they suite me? Anyway if you know of any good coral lip liner please leave suggestions in the comments below!
- The lipstick I'm using is Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 422 Coral Tonic, the colour is gorgeous and got good pigmentation. I am going a Real Techniques Detailer Brush to apply this as I am layering this so doing lots of thin layers to build the colour up and to get the perfect shape but you can neaten it up with concealer at the end if you want it to have a crisp effect. I am using the same brush to lightly add 17 - Ultimate Volume Lip gloss in Peach Melba this lip gloss gives it a great colour but also tones it down a bit and adds a gloss just like Selena's lips.

I hope you enjoyed, I have really loved doing make-up tutorials recently and have more coming up soon, I also have a haul and nail art posts coming soon, if you have any pictures of make-up that you would like me to re-create then you can send me them via e-mail, twitter, instagram, pinterest or you could leave a comment below. I also did my hair like Selena if you would like me to do a tutorial then I am able to do that it was actually very easy and simple! Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for reading!


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