Monday, 28 October 2013

Autumn Eyes // All That Glitters & Sketch

If you've managed to get through all of the pictures then well done! I've been struggling recently to take photos because it's so glumly and dull outside and taking good enough photos has been quite some task. And since they came out bright I thought I would include the ones that came out the best! Anyway as it is well and truly Autumn I thought I would do a make-up post which has been inspired by the colours of Autumn which I like to like are crisp golden shades like the changing colours of leaves as well as the signature purples and berry shades we all like to incorporate into our look whether it's with our nail polish, lipstick or even our clothing. 

I personally prefer to have stronger and darker eyes than to wear a dark coloured lipstick. I feel my lips are to small to try and rock bright and bold lips even though I absolutely love the look of it! But it can work in my advantage sometimes because I have green eyes purple and berry toned colours work best with my eyes and really makes them pop - which I really love! I don't just wear these shades at Autumn time, I do tend to wear it similar looks like this all year round. 

Face - 

Bare Minerals - Prime Time
MAC - Studio Sculpt Foundation - NW15
Maybelline - Fit Me Concealer - 15
MAC - Pro Longwear Concealer - NW15 
MAC - Mineralized Skin Finish Natural - Medium 
Benefit - Hoola
MAC - Cream Blush - LadyBlush
Elf - Golden Bronzer - Golden

Eyes - 

MAC - All That Glitters, Haux, Sketch, Embark, Ricepaper, Wedge & Charcoal Brown Eye-shadow
Soap & Glory - Supercat Liquid Liner
Maybelline - The Rocket Mascara
Maybelline - Brow Drama - Dark Brown

Lips -

MAC - Lipstick - Angel
Rimmel - Lasting Finish by Kate - 107 

I used four colours on my eyelid which were All That Glitters - all over the lid, Haux as my blending colour in the crease, Sketch in my crease and Embark in my outer corner. I then used Ricepaper in my inner corner to brighten my eyes up. I also used Sketch and Embark mixed together under my eye to balance the look out. I then used my favourite liquid liner from Soap & Glory along my lash line and then the amazing Maybelline The Rocket Mascara which really defines my eyelashes and makes them stand out - it also lasts all day without making my lashes fall down. 

For my eyebrows I used Charcoal Brown on 3/4 of my eyebrows and on the start of them I used Wedge - both from MAC. To set them in place recently I have been using Brow Drama by Maybelline. 

For my face I used a full coverage foundation to make my skin look as good as it could - which is pretty difficult with my skin! I used MAC - Studio Sculpt which is good for this time of the year as it is a gel formulation and works well on dry skin. I didn't want to go overboard with bronzer or highlight but I did want to have an Autumn coloured blush and MAC - Creme Blush in Lady Blush is great for that look. 

As for my lips like I said earlier I prefer natural colour on myself like MAC - Angel but it is a darker natural pink so is perfect. If you do like darker lips then the famous Rimmel - Lasting Perfection Lipstick by Kate in 107 is perfect. 

I hope you enjoyed! I have more Autumn and Winter themed posts coming up soon. I love this time of year, when the leaves are changing and the weather is cooler but it isn't completely freezing! 

What does your Autumn Make-up consist of? 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Monthly Favourites // October 13

I must start this post by warning you that I have been loving lots of products this months and this is only a small selection of what I have been loving - even though this is only a small selection this is going to be a long en! So I better start and you might want to grab a cuppa tea...

Bed Head - Re-Energize Shampoo

Bed Head products are amazing and of course there shampoo's are no different, I first found out about this in my sisters hairdressers as she uses it on her clients. I have to be really careful with shampoo's because I have eczema and I have some on my scalp and certain shampoo's tend to set it of but this doesn't and it leaves my hair clean and silky soft. 

Aussie - Miracle Hair Insurance 

I have had this product for quite a while and I stopped using it just because I was trying other products out, I recently started using it again and this does help de-tangle my hair when its wet and takes about an hour to brush all the knots out!

Soap & Glory - Hand Food

An oldie but a goodie! I think most beauty bloggers use this or have at least tried it, I have two tubes of it - a mini one in my hand bag and a big one for my room. It leaves your hand silky smooth and smelling some-what of marshmallows  It is a good send for sore cracked hand in the cold whether. 

The Body Shop - Cranberry Joy Body Butter 

I got this in the sale quite a few months ago now and in case you go looking for it, this was originally from the winter collection last year so currently isn't available but I'm hoping that they are going to bring it back. It smells obviously like cranberry's but it also smells fizzy if that's even possible! 

Maybelline - Fit Me Concealer 

After going through about fifteen plus of the Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer, Well I thought it was about time to try something else and after hearing good things about the newish Maybelline concealer I thought I would give it ago. It's a bit lighter than the collection one but I am going to write more about this soon.

MAC - Creme Blush in LadyBlush

Recently with the weather changing my skin has been a bit more dryer than what it normally is. When that happens I don't like to use to many powder products so this cream blush is definitely handy especially as the colour is perfect for Autumn. 

MAC - All That Glitters & Embark Eye-shadow

All That Glitters is a new addition to my palette and is a stunner so pretty all over the lid - it is described on the MAC website Beige with Gold Pearl. Also Embark is described as Intense Reddish Brown and is really nice in the crease and counter corner - it is also matt. 

Maybelline - Brow Drama 

This is described as a "Sculpting Brow Mascara" and it comes in three colours. I have the colour dark brown and I really like it - It's the first coloured brow mascara I have actually used! More on this soon! 

MAC - Lipstick in Plink! 

This is a new addition to my MAC lipstick collection, I did it it free due to the amazing program which is Back 2 MAC. It is described as a "warm seashell pink" on the MAC website and if you know about MAC lipsticks then it's a lustre finish. It's very natural and simply stunning. 

I hope you enjoyed! I have been quite busy recently and so today I have had what I like to call a blogging day! I took 278 images for 15 posts! This morning it was bright sunshine so I grabbed the opportunity to get good quality images that are nice and bright. That's what has mainly stopped me from getting posts up - that the weather is to glumly and dull and photos aren't nice so I know have back up images for a few weeks! 

What have you been loving this month?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Beauty Haul // MAC & Maybelline

Recently I have been cutting back what I spend and I've tried to stop buying things that I don't need, and for about the last 2 months or so this is all the beauty products that I've bought - except my normal skincare and haircare products - of course! I normally use the Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer but since I've been using it for about 2 years or maybe even longer, well I thought it was time for a change. Since I've heard quite a lot of good thing about the Maybelline - Fit Me Concealer, I decided to give it a try. I was also in need of a new mascara and I didn't have any that made my lashes stand out and I've also been wanting to try the Maybelline - The Rocket, I've had it for a few weeks now and I'm loving it so far it's really good and a review will be up soon. Boots of course had some form of offer on and that was 3 for 2 on maybelline, which worked out brilliantly for me! Eyebrows are really important to be when getting ready, I spend for to long making them look the best I can - they can change they way someone looks. Maybelline have a new product out for eyebrows called Brow Drama which is a sculpting brow mascara, there will also be a review on this coming very soon. I have to say Maybelline have been on a roll with product launches recently, I'm loving all there stuff! 

I also went on a little trip to MAC (naughty me - I know but I only bought one thing!) If you've ever heard of the back 2 Mac programme then you will know that if you have six empty mac containers then you get a free mac lipstick from there normal range. This is my second time getting a free lipstick and there's nothing better especially this time I only bought an eye-shadow so I paid £10 for a Mac lipstick and eye-shadow - bargain! The free lipstick I got was Plink! which is a lustre finish and is described on there website as a light seashell pink, I had never really looked at this lipstick until I read about it on the Birds Words which is a beauty blog by lovely Beth - she made this lipstick look amazing and so I had to go and get it! I am also building up my MAC Pro Palette and there's not many spaces left! One of the many eye-shadows which was on my wishlist was All That Glitters which is described as a "Beige with Gold Pearl" - I've only used it twice but it looks gorgeous all over the lid!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! As you can see I've not really bought much as I am saving my money up for my make-up course which starts in January - I'll also be able to get a pro card for MAC after the course which I am really excited about! 

Have you tried any of these products? 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Magazine Freebies // Cosmopolitan Magazine // StTropez Instant Tan

Everybody loves a good freebie and Cosmopolitan Magazine, have a great one for you this month - especially if you are a fake tan lover! This month they're giving a mini StTropez - Instant Tan, which is StTropez brand new tan! 

This tan is a water and transfer resistant lasts and has a 24 hours wear. You can use it on both of your face and body. It drys within 2-3 minutes and then you take it off with soap and water. This is the light/ medium colour but you can also get the medium/ dark and the full size of 100ml retails for £10. I've not had the chance to use this tan yet but I really like my bronzing mousse from StTropez so I have high hopes for this. 

Have you seen any good freebies this month?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Instagram Diary #1 & Rambles

- Pink Nail - Cute but true saying - Leighton Denny Maroon Me Knot - Walt Disney Quote - I Got Contacts - Never Stop Dreaming - Krispy Kreme Doughnut - Hello Autumn - Meet Me in Paris - 

Personally I love photography both trying to take my own images and looking at other images. At the perfect social network for this is instagram, I go through spurts of loving it on checking it numerous times a day - all the way to being to busy and forgetting about it. Recently I have gotten back into the habit of posting my favourite images and so that they don't go to waste I thought I might as well do a post on my beloved blog and share the images with you. I like to post images of my favourite quotes or sayings, beauty products that I am currently loving and if I remember outfits of the day - but they are very rare! I also try and remember to photograph my life but that is also a rarity as if something happens I forget to photograph it until the moment is over or nothing exciting is happening! If you want to keep up with me on Instagram, my username is BowsBeautyAndBecki - or there is a link in the sidebar! :)

I apologise for the lack of posts the past week, I have had a pretty bad batch of the cold for about 5 days and I've pretty much been floored with it and I didn't want to write any posts when my heart wasn't in it, I haven't even opened my laptop since Sunday - I personally think you can always tell when the person writing the post isn't interested and is writing it for the sake of it. I am still pretty chocked up but I definitely feel better within my self! 

Also the lovely Beth from Birds Words is doing a survey on panic attacks and anxiety for her university project. She told me about her project and it sounds pretty amazing and is such a great thing that she is doing. If you have panic attacks and anxiety and you have a spare few minutes it would be a big help if you could fill it in. It is also completely confidential - just in case you were wondering! Here is a link that will take you straight to the survey - link here! :)

Do you have Instagram? If so, leave your username in the comments!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Autumn Nails // My Favourite Autumn Nail Polishes

L-R // Essie - Bahama Mama, Leighton Denny - Supermodel, Barry M - Raspberry, Leighton Denny - Maroon Me Knot, OPI - Grape...Set...Match, China Glaze - Merry Berry,

It's that time of the year that the weather is getting colder and all our colourful clothing and accessories are being put away and our darker clothing is coming out along with our chunky knit jumpers, big cosy scarves and of course all types of boots. Along with that we tend to change our look with it including our hair, make-up and of course nails - today I am going to share with you some of my favourite autumn nail polishes, that I've gravitating to recently. 
Essie - Bahama Mama - 

This has to be one of my all time favourite nail polishes, it is such a gorgeous colour and I always get complements when I wear it - and when that happens you know its a good one! It's kind of in the middle of a red and a purple but it is the most gorgeous colour and definitely recommend it! 

Leighton Denny - Supermodel - 

This is one that I've never really had a chance to wear because it normally lives at my sisters house as she thinks why do I need to get nail polish when Becki has about five jars of nail polish - which is true but this is definitely her favourite and when its on her nails, I really like it! 

Barry M - Raspberry - 

As you can probably tell by the name this is definitely a shade that resembles the colouring of a raspberry. It's a gorgeous red but it is too bright, it's quite toned down making it perfect for autumn.

Leighton Denny - Maroon Me Knot - 

If you look at the bottom picture for this post you may think the swatch for this nail polish is a bit messed up but it's not and I shall explain why. This formula has a matte finish which not many of my nail polishes have, so I put a top coat over the top half of the swatch and not the bottom so you get a total idea how you can wear it. I will also add this is the only one with a top coat on it none of the other swatches have a top coat on them! Anyway this is just one of the best purples I own and I currently have it on my nails now! 

OPI - Grape...Set...Match - 

This was a limited edition nail polish from OPI from the Serena Williams collection but you should still be able to get from Amazon. It is a really nice dark purple with purple glitter and shimmer running trough it - I have to warn you this is a nightmare to get of so be prepared!

China Glaze - Merry Berry - 

As you can probably tell by the name I got this at Christmas time last year but I personally think it looks more of a autumn colour than a Christmas colour but it works for both really. If you compare all the swatches it looks like Bahama Mama and Raspberry mixed together which of course turns out a beautiful colour! 

What's your favourite Autumn Nail Polish? 


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