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♥ Nails Of The Month - August 12 ♥

This is a new monthly series which I am calling "Nails Of The Month" (Clever name? Not really!). And if you've not yet clicked then it's all about the nail polish that I've been wearing that month. It's not only to let you know what nail polishes I've been wearing, Its also so I can tell you my thoughts on them - without doing individual reviews (But if I really like a nail polish I will do an individual review!) Its to help me keep track of what I've been wearing, so I can try and get the most out of all my nail polishes and not were the same one over and over! Anyway I'll get into it!

Week One -

For about five days I had OPI - I'm All Ears ,this is from there new (we'll now new-ish) collection called "Minnie Mouse" It has about five different colours within the range. I love this colour, it's a bright hot pink with the same pink shimmer throughout it. This colour is defiantly a staple in my nail polish collection for any season!

I then did some Olympic - Team GB Inspired Nail Art, If you want to find out more about that then Click Here! This lasted just under a week then I took it off, all I re-did was re-painting the navy!

Week Two -

I was still in the Olympic mood, so I painted my nails with Barry M - Gold Glitter. I did this because every time I looked at my nails, It was like I was looking at sparkly gold medals! This lasted well, it did chip a couple of days in so I had to touch up the tips!

I then re-painted them with OPI - I'm All Ears.

Week Three-

I gave my nails a bit of a break so for a few days, all I had on my nails was OPI - Natural Nail Strengthener.

Then I put Leighton Denny - Starkers on as I was wanting a natural yet polished look.

Week Four -

After having a week of natural coloured nails, I was in the mood to paint my nails a purple shade. So I painted them with OPI - Grape, Set, Match.

I was still wanting to wear purple glitter polish so I put on OPI - Divine Swine. (Which is extremely difficult to get off!)

Week Five -

I then gave water marble nails a try, it was quite easy but I was in complete love with them as they didn't all look similar. I tried it twice with different colours...

Light pink, hot pink and purple. (With tape still on)

A Rainbow of Colours.
After I gave up, I decided to go onto more glitter and my faithful hot pink. I also wanted to try a new nail polish I got from Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish - Funtime Fuschia, I then put OPI - Servin up Sparkle over the top.

I never realised how much OPI nail polishes I use! Next month I will try to use different brands! Hope you enjoyed!

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♥ Favourites of The Month - August 12 ♥

Yes! I am going to start doing monthly favourites! I am going to do it a bit differently this time - I am going to do two editions in one post - following? I will first do a beauty related post, telling you all my favourite beauty products of the month. I will then do an edition that I'm calling "Randomly Random!" where if you've guested it I will write about my favourite song, tv shows, bloggers well anything really! It will be a bit like a lucky dip - Not really knowing what your going to get from it! I will know stop gabbing on and I will tell you what you came to here!

Becki's Beauty Faves! -

- MAC - Pro Longwear Concealer - NW15

- MAC - Blot Powder -  Medium

- MAC - Fluidline - Blacktrack

- 17 - Ultimate Volume Lipgloss in Peach Melba

- L'Oreal Kids - Sweet Pear Hair Tangle Tamer

- OPI - Nail Polish in I'm All Ears

- Ted Baker - Butterfly Body Spray

Randomly Random! -

Favourite Songs - Demi  Lavato - Give your heart a break
                           - Little Mix - Wings
                           - Calvin Harris ft Example - We'll be coming back
                           - Dizzee Rascal ft Pepper - Scream

Favourite Tv Shows - Olympics London 2012
                                 - Two Broke Girls
                                 - Waterloo Road
                                 - Keeping up with the Kadashians

Favourite Movies - Monte Carlo
                             - Cinderella Story!
                             - Knight and Day

Other - 

          - TU - Sports Bra - Only £5! (I know this is a weird one but they are so comfy and so cheap!)
          - Accesorize - Phone case

          - Animal Bars ( It takes me back to my childhood and there only £1 for four or 25p each!)

Quote of the Month -

         " I am a big enough person to forgive you, but not stupid enough to trust you again."

First of everything I have included in this months favourites, really have been favourites. I have mixed it up and decided to include a "Quote of the Month". I have a notebook full of them but I picked that one, which I found on pinterest, because girls can be b***hs and I felt that quote made me be the bigger person! Have you got any quotes if so comment them below and would you like me to do a separate post on my favourite quotes?

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Monday, 27 August 2012

♥ Shop & Show - MAC! ♥

Today I had a visit to MAC! I have had a voucher to get my make-up done since christmas but thought it was only for eyelashes, but my mum phoned them while I was at work the other day and it was a voucher to get my make-up done and to get £25 worth of products! I could'nt believe I have had this sitting on my vanity for over eight months! Anyway I was planning to go into MAC today anyway so it was a bonus when I found out I was getting my make-up done and had a £25 voucher! Every time I go the MAC store I set my self a limit, sometimes I stick to it and sometimes I get carried away. Well today was a day I got carried away! I got have products which thankfully I had a £25 voucher or it would have came to about £70! I just about fainted! Anyway I will stop gabbing on and let you all know what I got and show you photos of my make-up I got done...

I have already got about five of MAC's eyeshadows, so I loved what the girl did on my eye I bought the colours she used which were ...

Pro Longwear Eye Shadow - Pink Frontier

Eye Shadow - Haux (Satin)

Eye Shadow - Sketch (Velvet)

I love MAC's powder blushes but have never tried one of the cream blushes even though I wanted to, so today I took the plunge and tried their cream blush I have had in on for about seven hours and its still very noticeable and I love it!

CremeBlend Blush - LadyBlush
I also love their lipstick and have a list of lipsticks I'm going to get but today I held myself back and just got one...

Lipstick - Angel (Frost)
Here's a few photos of make-up that I got done (Sorry for the quality my camera is playing up!) I am wearing most of the products but I will add the face chart and a list of products used!

Products Used:
Face & Body Foundation - C1
Mineralized Concealer - NW15
CareBlend Powder - Medium
CremeBlend Blush - LadyBlush
Mineralized Skin Finish - Star Wonder
Paint Pot - Soft Ochre
Pro Longwear Eye Shadow - Pink Fronter
Eye Shadow - Haux
Eye Shadow - Sketch
FluidLine - Black Track
Eye Khol - Pruneua
Haute & Natuaty Mascara
Lipstick - Angel
Lipglass - Fashion Scoop
Hope you all enjoyed! And tell me what your most recent MAC purchase was! Comment Below! 

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympics London 2012 - Inspired Great Britain Make-Up

Continuing with the Olympic themed posts, I thought I would do a Union Jack inspired make-up since I've already got them nails to match! Post Here. I'm going to show you the make-up look first and then at the end I'll tell you how to add a little bit extra! (Also I'm not going to show you how to do your base, I'll just list the products I used. Then at the end I'll put a summery list of products).

If your going to do your base now is the time to do it! If not and your going au natural then you can skip this part! (I am very jealous of you!) Also if you want to fill your eyebrow in you can also do that, if you want to see how I do mine Click Here!

Bare Minerals - Prime Time - Face Primer
MAC - Face & Body Foundation - C1
MAC - Pro Longwear Concealer - NW15
MAC - Mineralize SkinFinish Natural - Medium


First I put an eye primer all over my lid, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. Then using a eyeshadow brush I put MAC - Eyeshadow in Ricepaper and then with my finger I put L'Oreal - Colour Infallible Eyeshadow - 002 Hourglass Beige, I put the gold eyeshadow over the top to give the eyes an extra bit of something! Then because well have dramatic everything else I am putting a light to medium brown in my crease, MAC -Eyeshadow in Wedge, to define my eyes. To line my upper lash line I used L'Oreal - Contour Khol - 138 Blue Denim, then I used an angled brush and used a blue eyeshadow from Elf - 100 Eyeshadow Palette - (I used the colour on the 4th row, 8 down!) And I put in on my lower lash line, I then put Soap & Glory - Thick and Fast Mascara.


Using a Detailer Brush from Real Techniques (core collection) I used a limited edition lipstick from MAC - Watch Me Simmer (Amplified), this isn't a true red more of a coral red but I felt it looked right.

Tip! - If your feeling daring then why not try the lip tattoos from Violent Lips, you can get union jack ones! Link for website Here!

Union Jack Time!

You can put a union jack anywhere on your face you want with basically anything you want e.g eyshadow, liners or even lipstick! But I decided to put half a one on the corner of my forehead using liners and eyeshadow.

First I used NYX - Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, I used this to make the outline of my flag and then I made it into sections (eight lines). Then still using the jumbo pencil I filled in the white sections (three sections), I then used L'Oreal - Contour Khol - 138 Blue Denim, to fill in the two blue sections. And for the two red sections I used Lord and Berry - Lip Liner in Russo. I then used my Costal Scents - 78 Eyeshadow and Blush Combo, to set the liners with the eyeshadows.

I am really happy how it turned out! I'm sad that the Olympics is now over, I don't know what to do with myself as I have been stuck in it since it started. The sports that I got really into:

-Diving (One of the sports I wish I could learn!)

- Athletics

- Gymnastics

- Track Cycling

- Swimming

- Water Polo (Never really heard of this! Its amazing!).

Any way  I still have the closing ceremony to look forward to and there is meant to be some amazing performers!

Here's a product summery for you:

- Bare Minerals - Prime Time - Face Primer
- MAC - Face & Body Foundation - C1
- MAC - Pro Longwear Concealer - NW15
- MAC - Mineralize SkinFinish Natural - Medium
- Bourjois - Bronzing Powder
- Benefit - Hoola Bronzer
- Benefit - PosieTint
- Jemma Kidd - Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme - Iced Gold
- Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden
- MAC - Eyeshadow in Ricepaper
- L'Oreal - Colour Infallible Eyeshadow - 002 Hourglass Beige
- MAC -Eyeshadow in Wedge
- L'Oreal - Contour Khol - 138 Blue Denim
- Elf - 100 Eyeshadow Palette
- Soap & Glory - Thick and Fast Mascara
- MAC - Watch Me Simmer (Amplified)
- NYX - Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
- Lord and Berry - Lip Liner in Russo
- Costal Scents - 78 Eyeshadow and Blush Combo

 Hope you enjoyed! What was your favourite Olympic Sport? Comment Below & Follow!

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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olympics London 2012 - Inspired Nail Art

I'm not really a sporty person, but I have really gotten into the Olympics. I have discovered new sports I had never heard of and I have fallen in love with some sports which I would love to try (if I had the guts!) I have been so inspired by them since I can't do the sports, I thought I could turn it into something I can do and I tried nail art for the first time! So here is how I have found it easiest to so a Union Jack on my own nails. I am using a limited edition nail art kit from 17 (boots), It's called Best of British and contain 3 nail polishes (blue, red & white) and all the brushes in the nail polishes are nail art brushes!

Step One - Base & Base Colour

Its important to use a base, to protect your nail from dis-colouration and it will also help your own nail to grow and be strong. I use OPI - Natural Nail Strengthener and a apply one coat onto each nail. I then used 17 Lasting Fix -Midnight Sapphire over all of my nails (two coats). Don't worry if its messy, at the end you can fix it very easily.

Step Two -  Feature Nail

I already have the base colour for my nail (blue) and I then used 17 Fast Finish - Knockout Red and made a cross on my nail, I applied two - three coats to give full colour pay off!

I then lined the outside of the red cross with 17 Lasting Fix - Mini Skirt, It is difficult especially if your not using your dominant hand! So take your time and do small storkes!

Still using 17 Lasting Fix - Mini Skirt, I went from the corner of the white "L" shape and made a small line to the edge of my nail going diagonally.

Step Three - Touch ups and Finishing
Any touch ups needing done can know be done, weather it be touching up mistakes doing the flag or around your nail. If its around your nail just use your normal nail polish remover and a cotton bud and go around the edges of your nails. Then add a top coat of your choice I used Leighton Denny - Crystal Finish.

And that's it! I think I did really well considering it's my first time I have tried any type of nail art!

Have you been in the patriotic spirit? And have you been watching the Olympics? If so, whats your favourite event? Last Question ... I would love to know ... Are YOU going to try this? Comment Below!

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