Monday, 25 February 2013

♥ Update, Where Have I Been & Business Ventures!!! ♥

Hello! If you read my blog on a regular basis then you may be thinking "where have you been?!?", and I am going to answer that now! I haven't had a post up for two weeks, and I apologise but sometimes you just need to take time for yourself and take a break so that when you come back you feel re-freshed and you want to make every post to its best and after doing three posts a week sometimes they aren't the best that they could be and I didn't like that! Anyway I also took sometime out because I am starting my own online business! Very exciting for me and I can't wait for it all to be up running. I have to say the it is a lot more work than what I thought it would be, I knew I would have a lot to do but there is a lot a lot more to it that you wouldn't think of! On my online store I will be mainly selling hand made phone cases currently as well as handmade cards, both of which can be customised on request - but I will be working on starting to sell jewelry and other accessories. For the phone cases I can do it for majority of phones but since there is so many phones on the market it is quite literary impossible to keep a stock of every one, so I try to keep a stock of the more popular phones but if you want a phone cases and you can find you phone all you have to do is on my online store you will see a tab that says "contact" on the side bar and simply put the name of the phone case and what phone you have and I will get back to you immediately to tell you if I am able to do that! If you are wanting to go and check that out I am afraid you are going to have to wait for at least a few more days as I am still trying to set it all up but I will do a post to let you all know. Below I will put some preview photos of the style of phone cases I make!

I have lots of exciting posts in the pipe line including make-up tutorials from the Oscars, nail art tutorials and I am going to share with you my wish lists - which I have many of! I am also getting my blog re-designed which should be up within the next week! So lots of very exciting stuff happening here within the next few weeks! If you have any request for posts then comment below!

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Monday, 11 February 2013

♥ Valentine's Inspired Neutral Nail Art ♥

Valentines day is fast approaching and well lets face it, It's a day that doesn't really mean anything but you can make it fun just for the fun of it! It doesn't matter if you have a valentine or not valentines day can be made into a great day with your friends with retail therapy during the day and girls night in watching your favourite sappy films! Today I am going to show you valentines day inspired nail, of course as you would expect there is a lot of these types of posts going around the beauty community so I wanted to take the classic pinks, reds and white out and replace them with more neutral colours. So lets get started!

What I Have Used -
Barry M - Nail Paint in Black
Revlon - Gray Suede
Rimmel - Rock Your Colour Glitter Top Coat - Disco Gold
Opi - Natural Nail Strengthener
Leighton Denny - Crystal Finish Top Coat
Leighton Denny - Miracle Drops
Nail File

Sally Hanson - Regular Polish Remover
Cotton Pads
Cotton Buds

Step One -

Your going to want to start off with clean nails, make sure all old nail polish is off your nails as it will make it uneven and it could show through some of the colours. You will then want to file your nails to your desired shape and then buff them. Once you have done this you should apply a base coat so that you the nail polish doesn't stain your nails and it will also help it go on easier, my favourite base coat is Opi - Natural Nail Strengthener as it helps strengthen your nails.

Step Two -

I am then going to paint two coasts of Revlon - Gray Suede, on my three middle fingers. Then on my other two fingers I am using Barry M - Nail Paint in Black, I have only done one coat of this as it is such a dark colour.

Step Three -

I am going to leave them to dry for a hour as when I tried this before I smudged my nails so much I wanted to cry! So if you want it to look good and you have the time then I recommend letting them completely dry!  To create the love hearts I am going to use an old pair of tweezers, if you don't have an old pair don't worry you can clean the nail polish off them easily with nail polish remover. On a piece of paper I am putting a small drop of Barry M - Nail Paint in Black, then I am going to dip one side of the tweezers in the nail polish and then simply make to diagonal lines that connect at the bottom! That's how you can make a love heart! I won't lie at first I did find it a little bit heard but after practising it does it easier - I would even recommend practising on a bit of paper. The photo below is from when I gave up after 4 hours of trying to get them perfect. I also recommend not trying to do nail art when you have a dog nugging your arm as your trying to do nail art! So please remind that as you look at these photos!

I am also now going to apply two coats of Rimmel - Rock Your Glitter Top Coat in Disco Gold onto my middle finger, lets be honest you can't forget the glitter!

Step Four -

Now it's finally time to do the finishing touches I am using Leighton Denny - Crystal Finish Top Coat and to help it all dry Leighton Denny - Miracle Drops. And if the edges are not as neat as they should be simply get a cotton bud and dip it in to nail polish remover and go around your nail - it's that easy!

I hope you enjoyed! I have to apologies for being a little bit slack on post the past week! I have been working on a project that has taken my time away from me, but I will be relieving it very soon! If you try to recreate these nails then tweet me a photo! (The link for my twitter is in the side link).

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Monday, 4 February 2013

♥ Hollister & Primark Haul ♥

(Good way to start a post???)
As you could proberly tell by the lovely image above this is going to be a haul on what I got at Hollister and Primark yesturday! I ordinary only went into town to go to primark to get a few vest tops and I left town with two very large bags! Before going into town or into any of my favourite shops (boots, hollister ect) I set myself a budget because its easy to get carried away either because items are cheap (primark) or items are expensive and I want them all (Hollister). I really love Hollister it's clothes are amazing quality and you feel a million dollars in them, they are also super comfy and wish I could live in there sweatpants (which I'm wearing now). They also have very nice models and there carrier bags are also a treat to look at - anyone else agree?
Primark - Gray Strck Vest Top - £2.50
Primark - White T-Shirt (open back) - £6.00
Primark - Kahki Jumper - £10.00
Primark - Navy Dress with Tan Belt - £15.00
(Gourgeous on!)
Primark - Tan Belt - £1.00
Bow Tie - £2.00
(Going to try and make it into a hair bow!)
Make-up Wedges - £1.50
(Great for nail art!)
Hollister - Navy and Gray Striped Top - £19
Hollister - Navy Jumper - £19.50 (Sale)
Hollister - Lightweight Banded Sweatpants - £34
(Most comfy things ever!)
I hope you enjoyed, and if you have spotted something that I got that you either have or want let me know in the comments! Also if you also blog or even if you do videos and you have done a haul recently leave a link in the comments I would love to read or watch them!
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Saturday, 2 February 2013

♥ Favourites of the Month - January 13 ♥

Happy New Year! I hope you all have had a nice start of the year, a lot has happened for me I became an auntie, I quit my job, I am trying to conquer my panic attacks and I am working on a big project! Looking back on the past month I have been rather busy! Like always I am going to show you "Becki's Beauty Favourites" first but instead of listing my beauty favourites I am going to go a little bit in depth and let you know why they have made it into my monthly favourites. And then after of course I will have my "Randomly Random" favourites. Anyway enough rambling...

Becki's Beauty Favourites -

Rimmel - Stay Matte Pressed Powder,
A love this pressed powder simply because it just works and works for an amazing price! Not much more to say!
Benefit - Sugarbomb,
I got this as a part of a set for my Christmas and have wanted it for sometime! Worth the wait it is a gorgeous colour!
Mac - Well Dressed Blush,

This is a colour that is very popular in the beauty community and is hyped about, so I thought I would treat myself. It is perfect if your doing very natural make-up which is what I have been doing recently - would you like a tutorial?
Maybelline - Colossal Volum Express Mascara - Smokey Eyes,

After using Mua - Mega volume mascara I thought I'd never like another mascara, it doesn't separate as well but it does give volume.
Carmex - Moisture Plus Lip Balm in Pink,

This lip balm is amazing, I have even bought a back up for when this finishes. It works like a lip balm should and has a sheer pink tint, it also comes in different colours.
Mac - Creme Cup Lipstick,

I got this when I got the Well Dressed blush and thought you cant go to mac and not buy a lipstick! (I make myself excuses to justify buying more make-up! This is a gorgeous colour and is my favourite finish which is cremesheen.
Mac - Cremesheen Glass in Boy Bait,
I have re discovered this in my collection and it used to be my favourite and it now is again!
Simple - Kind to Skin Skincare,

I have recently started a new skincare regime, I am planning on doing another updated skin care but I have defiantly noticed a difference! The products pictured above -

- Smoothing Facial Toner
- Moisturising Facial Wash
-Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser
-Purifying Cleansing Lotion,
Soap & Glory - Heel Genius,

I got this as a part of the Best of All set and it really is an amazing foot cream the only thing I don't like is that even after washing your hands you can still slightly smell the lemon on your hands!
Armani Code Perfume,

I have loved this perfume for a while and after running out of it I asked my mum to get me a new bottle for Christmas. It smells amazing and I always get complements when I wear it!

Randomly Random -

Music -
Taylor Swift - Red (album)
Little Mix - Change your Life & Always be Together
Ke$ha - Die Young

Books -

Lauren Conrad - Beauty
Tv -

Flashpoint (best show ever made!)
Hawaii Five-O
Flims -

Like I mentioned at the begging of this post a lot has happened this month, mostly good but the good have all had bits of bad in them.

This month I became an auntie! He is a total cutie and was a bit of a surprise as he came 3 and a half weeks early! With the news of me becoming an auntie, I have also quite my job it was a long time coming and my last day is on Wednesday 6th February, when I first started working in a private nursery when I was 15 and I loved it after 2 years it has simply changed mainly management and so now I am going to look after my nephew and I will hopefully be kept busy with my project that I will hopefully be revealing within the next to weeks or so!

I hope you have all had a great start of the year and hopefully this has given you an insight to the begging of my year! What was your favourite thing in January? I am now going to finish this post with one of my favourite quotes and my current screen saver on my phone, if you would like a post on my favourite quotes also let me know and I would be happy to do it I have a lot more.

Thanks for reading!


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