Monday, 25 February 2013

♥ Update, Where Have I Been & Business Ventures!!! ♥

Hello! If you read my blog on a regular basis then you may be thinking "where have you been?!?", and I am going to answer that now! I haven't had a post up for two weeks, and I apologise but sometimes you just need to take time for yourself and take a break so that when you come back you feel re-freshed and you want to make every post to its best and after doing three posts a week sometimes they aren't the best that they could be and I didn't like that! Anyway I also took sometime out because I am starting my own online business! Very exciting for me and I can't wait for it all to be up running. I have to say the it is a lot more work than what I thought it would be, I knew I would have a lot to do but there is a lot a lot more to it that you wouldn't think of! On my online store I will be mainly selling hand made phone cases currently as well as handmade cards, both of which can be customised on request - but I will be working on starting to sell jewelry and other accessories. For the phone cases I can do it for majority of phones but since there is so many phones on the market it is quite literary impossible to keep a stock of every one, so I try to keep a stock of the more popular phones but if you want a phone cases and you can find you phone all you have to do is on my online store you will see a tab that says "contact" on the side bar and simply put the name of the phone case and what phone you have and I will get back to you immediately to tell you if I am able to do that! If you are wanting to go and check that out I am afraid you are going to have to wait for at least a few more days as I am still trying to set it all up but I will do a post to let you all know. Below I will put some preview photos of the style of phone cases I make!

I have lots of exciting posts in the pipe line including make-up tutorials from the Oscars, nail art tutorials and I am going to share with you my wish lists - which I have many of! I am also getting my blog re-designed which should be up within the next week! So lots of very exciting stuff happening here within the next few weeks! If you have any request for posts then comment below!

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