Monday, 11 February 2013

♥ Valentine's Inspired Neutral Nail Art ♥

Valentines day is fast approaching and well lets face it, It's a day that doesn't really mean anything but you can make it fun just for the fun of it! It doesn't matter if you have a valentine or not valentines day can be made into a great day with your friends with retail therapy during the day and girls night in watching your favourite sappy films! Today I am going to show you valentines day inspired nail, of course as you would expect there is a lot of these types of posts going around the beauty community so I wanted to take the classic pinks, reds and white out and replace them with more neutral colours. So lets get started!

What I Have Used -
Barry M - Nail Paint in Black
Revlon - Gray Suede
Rimmel - Rock Your Colour Glitter Top Coat - Disco Gold
Opi - Natural Nail Strengthener
Leighton Denny - Crystal Finish Top Coat
Leighton Denny - Miracle Drops
Nail File

Sally Hanson - Regular Polish Remover
Cotton Pads
Cotton Buds

Step One -

Your going to want to start off with clean nails, make sure all old nail polish is off your nails as it will make it uneven and it could show through some of the colours. You will then want to file your nails to your desired shape and then buff them. Once you have done this you should apply a base coat so that you the nail polish doesn't stain your nails and it will also help it go on easier, my favourite base coat is Opi - Natural Nail Strengthener as it helps strengthen your nails.

Step Two -

I am then going to paint two coasts of Revlon - Gray Suede, on my three middle fingers. Then on my other two fingers I am using Barry M - Nail Paint in Black, I have only done one coat of this as it is such a dark colour.

Step Three -

I am going to leave them to dry for a hour as when I tried this before I smudged my nails so much I wanted to cry! So if you want it to look good and you have the time then I recommend letting them completely dry!  To create the love hearts I am going to use an old pair of tweezers, if you don't have an old pair don't worry you can clean the nail polish off them easily with nail polish remover. On a piece of paper I am putting a small drop of Barry M - Nail Paint in Black, then I am going to dip one side of the tweezers in the nail polish and then simply make to diagonal lines that connect at the bottom! That's how you can make a love heart! I won't lie at first I did find it a little bit heard but after practising it does it easier - I would even recommend practising on a bit of paper. The photo below is from when I gave up after 4 hours of trying to get them perfect. I also recommend not trying to do nail art when you have a dog nugging your arm as your trying to do nail art! So please remind that as you look at these photos!

I am also now going to apply two coats of Rimmel - Rock Your Glitter Top Coat in Disco Gold onto my middle finger, lets be honest you can't forget the glitter!

Step Four -

Now it's finally time to do the finishing touches I am using Leighton Denny - Crystal Finish Top Coat and to help it all dry Leighton Denny - Miracle Drops. And if the edges are not as neat as they should be simply get a cotton bud and dip it in to nail polish remover and go around your nail - it's that easy!

I hope you enjoyed! I have to apologies for being a little bit slack on post the past week! I have been working on a project that has taken my time away from me, but I will be relieving it very soon! If you try to recreate these nails then tweet me a photo! (The link for my twitter is in the side link).

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