Monday, 30 September 2013

Monthly Favourites // September 13

It's the end of the month and that of course means that it's time to monthly favourites post! I haven't really been buying new products because I am saving all of my money up for the make-up course I'm going on at the begging of the year and whist I was re-organising my make-up into it's new home - I had a big clear out and noticed that I forgot that I had most of it!

MAC - Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW15

This is a very full coverage foundation but I love it as it gives you perfect looking skin, I have used this on and off for a few years now and have fallen in love with it all over again. I've been using this most days as I've been stripping back the amount of products I've been using on a day to day basis and this is perfect. 

MAC - Pinch O'Peach Blush

If your looking for a blush that adds colour back into your face then this is the one for you. It's a bright pink with a hint of peach and is just such a pretty colour.

Collection - Work the Colour Eye-Shadow Pencils

I've already done a separate post about these pencils which I will link here, which goes into detail - if you want to know more. These pencils are so cheap, pigmented and smooth - they also stay all day and are waterproof! 

Revlon - Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade

Since I am stripping back my make-up and trying to wear less, this has quickly turned into my everyday lipstick. As I feel if I have a lipstick on it looks to much but this is just a sheer wash of colour which is perfect. 

YSL - Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 13 Peach Passion

This is a such a gorgeous lipstick, everything about it. The colour, packaging and formula. I have again done a separate post about this which I will link here. This is much more of a summery colour but I don't suit bright or dark colours so I like to wear my favourites all year around. 

Essie - Bahama Mama Nail Polish 

This is the perfect autumn nail colour - a dark plum purple. It's of course one of my favourite nail colours for colder month and defiantly recommend it. I have this nail polish and a couple others featured in my next post so look out for that! 

Nothing to interesting happened this month, I have however booked my make-up course this past week! I can't wait, it starts in January and I am really looking forward to it! I hope you enjoyed!

What have you been up to this month?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

YSL - Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 13 Peach Passion // Review

I am a huge lipstick lover, I much prefer lipstick or lip gloss any day. If your like me you have probably tried the YSL - Rouge Volupte Lipsticks they have become some kind of cult product in the beauty world and so it should be the product is great, the colour selection is pretty amazing and you can of course not forget the packaging I mean words can't describe how good it is. I currently own 2 of the Rouge Volupte Lipsticks and have a few more on my wishlist but there price tag is a bit sharp which does hinder me from buying them. 

The shade I am talking to you about today is number 13 Peach Passion. For some reason I decided to wait and but it at the end of summer instead of at the begging in the summer when I originally I decided I really wanted it. The formula is so creamy and pigmented and some would even say that they are a bit moisturising. When I say there creamy I mean creamy like butter, and if you've ever owned one of these lipsticks you'll know exactly what I mean. Another thing I like about this lipstick is that there not matte, they have a shine to them but they don't look or feel glossy. The colour Peach Passion is exactly what the name would suggest which is a gorgeous peach shade, it's not to nude but it's not to orange or bright either so it really is the perfect peach shade. If you would like to see it worn then you can see it here in my most recent What's in my Face Post!

If your an avid beauty reader like me you may recognise the packaging of this lipstick, it is somewhat famous in the beauty world. The luxurious gold tubes with a colour co-coordinating band around the middle of the tube the con-sides with the colour of the lipstick within. Around the coloured band is gold circles connecting to each other with YSL lettering in the middle. The one downside to this lipstick is the price which is £24.50 but I do think you get what you pay for as it is such high quality and it makes it nice when you do get a new one it's a bit of a special treat - at least for me! I defiantly recommend these lipsticks as they have a great range of colours and have something for everybody! 

Have you tried this Lipstick?

Monday, 23 September 2013

Collection - Work The Colour Eye Shadow Pencil // Review

I have to apologise for the quality of the pictures, this was my third attempt at trying to take photos along with the metallic writing that is very difficult to take photos of and glumly whether it has become quite a challenge to get good enough photos! 

Recently lots of brands have been coming out with eye shadow pencils, I have to say I really like eye shadow pencils. They're really easy to you use especially if your in a rush.I either wear them by themselves and I'll blend them out just so I have something on my eyelids or I use them as a base for my eye shadow. When I was re-organising my make-up last week as I got new storage (more on that here) I realised I have never done a post on any of my eye shadow pencils and since I just got the new Collection - Work The Colour Eye Shadow pencils and love them I thought this would be perfect timing. 

The pencils are fairly new as they've been out for about a month now. They claim to be "Velvety, soft blendable eye shadow pencil. Waterproof and Long Lasting." I would actually agree with everything that they say with is quite rare that I agree with everything the brand says the product is especially when it comes to being water proof. I've never really been in a situation when I needed all my make-up to be waterproof but when I have swatched on my hand it is still on there later in the day and it hasn't smudged even when I'm washing my hands it didn't come of, I have also tried to scrub it off my hand with a baby wipe and it was very difficult to get it of but it does come off easily with proper make-up remover. They are easy to blend but you do need to work reasonably fast as they do dry quite fast. They come in six colours which for the high-street is a pretty good section, the colours are: 

Vanilla Sky - Cream
Gunmetal Glitz - Gray / Silver
Vintage Blush - Rosy Pink
Hot Chocolate - Mid-toned Brown
Midnight Glam - Black
Denim Diva - Blue 

I have Vanilla Sky, Vintage Blush and Hot Chocolate which are the perfect shades for me as they're soft and natural colours. The range of colours is really nice as they have as the basics and more covered. As you might guess they are a pencil so not many ways to package pencils but Collection have done a good job the outside of the pencil is the same colour as the pencil inside with metallic silver writing - which can be pretty hard to read and impossible to take photos of but it does look pretty. These are only priced at £3.19 which I think is pretty good if you think about the quality of product that your getting. If your looking to purchase these they're on sale at both Boots and Superdrug. If your thinking about getting these I defiantly recommend it as they are so pigmented and are such nice quality for a cheap high-street brand! 

Have you tried these pencils? 

Friday, 20 September 2013

My Wishlist #4 // Decorating My Room

I've been wanting my room to be decorated for a good few months now but decided to do it gradually because I can my mind so often. One day I want it to be bright colours the next I want it to be pastel. I found some wallpaper in B&Q that I liked that was on clearance because it was the end of the stock so I got two rolls of wallpaper for £14! Which I thought was pretty good. I spend quite a lot of time in my room, I write in my room and I do lots of crafts and card making. I want my room to motivate my and for it to make me feel happy. I was adding everything I wanted for my room to my want-worthy list so that I could see everything together and thought that I might share it with you! I will link my want-worthy list here - I have lots of different lists that you can have a look at everything I would like but I warn you I would like a lot! 

1, Next - Mauve Bedding Set // I love Next for there bedding, especially their plain bedding as it lasts really well and is very soft and cosy which is a must for me. I would love light coloured bedding but I have 2 dogs that love to sleep anywhere that's comfy and it is impossible to get them off the bed as they will go in a huff with you all day! And with 2 dogs light coloured bedding is a bit risky so I have decided to get a darker colour so that if anything happens it wouldn't be ruined! The colour shown in the photo is what I am going for, for all of my bedding and curtains. 

2, Next - Natural Knit Throw // Does that throw not just look so cosy!?! I think it will be so cosy snuggling up in bed watching a movie with a cup of tea but I not in a hurry to get this as I already have a throw that will go with my room.

3, You may recognise this piece of furniture. It is of course the Ikea - Alex 9 Drawer Unit, I got it to store make-up and other bits. I normally store my make-up on my vanity or dressing table in muji boxes but they were over-flowing and taking up so much room as I think I had more than 10 boxes! I am still going to use them just for different things in different places. I have already got it. I went and bought it on Monday and spent the entire day filling and organising it! And that's why there was no posts on Monday!

4, Next - Door Sign // I think it is so cute and can't wait to get it! It's not every clear in the photo but it says "Shh... Beauty Sleep in Progress".

5,Paper chase - Triora Photo Frames //  I love to have photos around my room, it's really important to me. I am planning on getting 3 of this style - 2 big ones and a smaller one. I already own paper chase photo frames and have had them for quite a few years and still going very strong! 

6, H&M - 3 Pack Storage Boxes // You may think books, really?! But these are actually storage boxes, how genius! These are super cute, they don't really go with my room all that well but I really want them!

7, Muji - Acrylic Boxes 2 Drawer  // I already have about 10 muji boxes but these one are longer in length, which would work better as I want to put my mac and urban decay palettes in them and other bits that don't fit into the drawers I currently have. I'm not in a rush for them, in fact it will properly be one of the last bits I get.

8, Next - Harrison Pillow // I am still unsure of what pillows to decorate my bed. I could still use a couple of what I already use but I need to go into a store and properly look them instead of looking online as you can't really tell what colours they really are. 

9, Next - Boudoir Pillow // I thought this would be a nice pillow to be at the end of the pillows - well I really am not explaining this very well but it works in my head ... honest! 

You may think things like artwork is missing but I already have it! I have a canvas picture of a ballerina which I wanted for so much time and is one of the main reasons that I bought it! I hope you enjoyed and if you have seen any home stuff that you think I would like then let me know in the comments! 

Do you like any of the items featured?

Friday, 13 September 2013

Pink Nails

You may know that I'm a total girly girl, Iove everything girly. I especially love the colour pink both pastel pinks and bright in your face pinks. Since I'm always wearing nail polish and it's normally on the pink tones I thought I would pick out my five favourite pinks and show them to you. It was actually quite hard to pick my five favourite but these are the five colours I've narrowed it down to! 

Leighton Denny - Plush Pink 

The is a bright pink but its not neon as I'm not a fan of neon colours. This colour would suit all skin tones but I would defiantly say it looks great with a tan. The formula is really nice and easy to work with, it is just a nice solid bright pink.

Barry M - Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Dragon Fruit

When I first got this I really didn't like it and said I wasn't going to use it again but after hearing all the positive things everyone was saying I tried it again and I do like it! The formula is really unique and gel like an for the price is really good. I also have to say its a gorgeous shade of pink.

OPI - I'm All Ears

This is a gorgeous colour it's very girly and sparkly. It is from the original Minnie Mouse collection (not the Couture Minnie Mouse collection) hence the name I'm all ears! If you want something sparkly but no glittery this is your best bet. It might be a bit hard to find but Amazon should have it!

Essie - Off The Shoulder 

Again I think this is a discounted colour if I'm correct. But I really wanted to include it because I do wear it all the time. The brush has rounded edges and is quite think unlike the usual square and thin brush which I hate! As usual Essie nail polishes are great quality and the formula lasts so well on my nails! 

Essie - Fiji

You've heard me talk about this a lot recently so I'm not going to go into this to much but I have to say it is the best all around shade. If you want to know more I will link you to my post about it here.

Now that was in no particular order, but if I had to pick a favourite I would defiantly have to be Essie - Fiji. I have done a separate post on this nail polish which I will link here - but it's a pale pink that goes with everything and I always fall back on it! 

Do you like any of the nail polishes featured? 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What's on my Face #2 // Everyday Make-up

A few months ago I started a series called "What's on my Face" which is basically just showing you what make-up I am wearing. After I did that post my skin broke out and ever since I have been battling with acne, now mine was bad for me personally but compared to some other peoples skin it wasn't much. Because my skin was really bad and the spots stood out on camera I have never published any of these posts. I have however managed to be able to control my skin more however I do still have some breakouts but nobody's perfect and I want to do these posts! So please just look past my skin! 

I have been wearing this look quite a lot recently as I love they way it looks and how the colours complement my skin tone and eye colour. Here is the make-up I am wearing: 

Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair 1
MAC - Studio Finish Concealer - NW15
Rimmel - Wake Me Up Foundation - 100 Ivory
Rimmel - Stay Matte Pressed Powder - 004 Sandstorm 
Bourjois - Bronzing Powder - 51
Benefit - Coralista Blush
Elf - Golden Bronzer - Golden

MAC - Charcoal Brown Eye-shadow (brows)
MAC - Rice-paper and Satin Taupe Eye-shadow
Soap & Glory - Supercat Liquid Eyeliner 
Soap & Glory - Thick & Fast Mascara

YSL - Rouge Volupte Lipstick - 13 Peach Passion

I love Rimmel foundations, I prefer some of them over my high-end foundations. I like the wake me up one as when I have fake tan on (which I do know however it is fading) this is a great colour for me and to think its the lightest colour in the range and I have St Tropez tan on! Benefit's Coralista blush is defiantly one of my all time favourite blushes, it's just so gorgeous and wakes your skin up. Rice-Paper and Satin Taupe are gorgeous eye-shadows they really complement my eye colour as I've got green eyes. My mum was also very kind and treated me to a new YSL lipstick that she knew I really wanted as I've been swatching it in Boots for months but grunge shelling out £24.50 for a lipstick even though it worth every penny. It is the most gorgeous peachy coral and wish I had got it when I originally seen it at the beginning of summer. 

Do use any of the products that I have today?

Monday, 9 September 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

I'm going to do the 50 Random Facts About Me as I think it's nice to know a bit about the blogger behind the blog! Since this is going to get quite long since there is 50 facts, I'm going to jump right in. Brace yourself you might want to get a cup of tea before reading this, it's going to be a long-en :)

1, I recently won £48 on the lottery, I was so excited I was shacking! haha

2, I am going on a pro make-up course in January, it will run for 11 weeks and its 1 day a week. 

3, I love the history behind make-up could listen about it all day!

4, When I like a song I will play it on repeat until I don't like it any more.

5, I also have a drink of ribena with me but only the diluted stuff as the normal sold bottle gives me headaches! 

6, I  get really bad anxiety and panic attacks - I even have anxiety to go to bed. 

7, I have a phobia of sick in fact I have a phobia of being ill with anything - it just scares me a lot and when I feel I'm going to be ill I get very anxious and sometimes get panic attacks. 

8, I have a very strict diet - not for healthy eating reasons but because in some ways I'm kind of allergic to most foods. 

9, The people closest to me are my family - they mean the world to me. 

10, I love receiving flowers, Roses, Gerbera, Orchid, Hydrangea - I love them all.  

11, My favourite flowers are Sunflowers they are just so happy!

12, I passed my driving test a year ago - on my first attempt and have only actually gone out in the car about ten times. I don't really like driving! But at least I have a license!

13, Saying that I would love a mini either a cream one or a mint blue one. 

14, I am a very organised person - everything it organised

15, I am a chocoholic. Dairy Milk and Milky Buttons are my favourite! (I mean who doesn't love the Milky Bar Kid?!?)

16, I hate all creepy crawlies - spiders, wasps ect. 

17, There is a bee that lives in my back garden - it has a vendetta against me and chases me every time I go outside. Honestly no joke!

18, I love airports - best day out ever! I don't even need to go anywhere really, that's just a bonus really. Duty free shopping is the best especially if there's a mac store! 

19, It's not Christmas if its not a white Christmas

20, I first went on holiday when I was 6 months old to go and visit my gran and grandad who at the time lived in Portugal. 

21, I love Bows, Butterflies and of course Mermaids! 

22, I hate facebook. 

23, I don't like to drink alcohol - I hate it! 

24, I love motivational quotes - or any quotes. I love pinterest to find the best ones! (Link in sidebar)

25, I love Pretty Little Liars but I've only ever seen the first 2 season (whatever was aired on mtv) But I really want to watch the other seasons but can't find it anywhere! (Can you help me?) 

26, I love dogs. I have always had dogs in my life.

27, I have two dogs - Macy and Lucie.

28, Growing up I wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid - and have Sebastian and Flounder as my friends! With that being said your never to old for Disney. 

29, I am very shy especially if I'm in a new place. I kinda have a mute button and can't form words. 

30, I have dyed my hair many times - thanks to me being a model for my sister while she was doing her training to become a hairdresser. So I have had most colours. 

31, Saying that I have to wait months from when I ask to get my hair done to when my sister actually wants to do it. I don't like to sit still and I can never decide what I want - except I don't want short hair as I used to have it short until I was 16. 

32, I've been blogging since I was 16 - I am now 18. 

33, I have had 2 blogs - 3 different names. 

34, I'd love to be able to read a book cover to cover but I start and never have the time to finish it. I currently have two books that I'm in the middle of. 

35, I love pastel colours - mint blue, baby pink and lilac are my favourite. 

36, I have broken my left arm once and my right arm twice. I broke my left hand when I was 3 and I was dancing on a chair at my grans house and fell off. The first time I broke my right arm I was going down a mini hill /slope (behind my house) on my bike, I hit a bump in the pavement went flying up in the air and did a somersault (in the air) and landed on the ground and my arm went into a fence and the bike landed on me. I was about 7 and I had to stay in hospital because the bone was basically coming through the skin and I had to get surgery on it - it's never been the same since and get pains in my wrist if I do to much with it! The second time I broke my right arm I fell over a curb - yes I am that clumsy

37, Last year I slipped at my old work and hurt my ankle. I had to go to a&e as we thought I broke it. Turns out I ripped all of my muscles /ligaments  And ever since it has been very weak and my ankle gives in all time so I need to be very careful with that. 

38, I am very emotional and I can cry and the most random-est of this. Even if someone on the tv is crying, it can set me off! 

39, The best place in the world is Disney Land - it's the most Magical Place in the World! 

40, I really want to get a tattoo but I don't do well with pain and I'd like one on the worst places of my body e.g my ribs. I am also very in-divisive. 

41, I want to have a relationship like Carl and Ellie from Up - they were just so sweet, perfect and together till the end. Weird?!?

42, I would love to be able to dance especially ballet - I love the ballerinas

43, When having backed beans I have to scoop every last one out - if I left one it would be lonely!

44, I love films based off of Nicholas Sparks books. The Lucky One, Safe Haven, Dear John and The Last Song but I have never seen The Notebook! 

45, I love The Vampire Diaries and watch repeats all the time. (Does anyone know when season 5 starts in the UK?)

46, When nobody's home I sing non-stop and make the most of me being able to be as loud as I want without getting shouted at! 

47, I really want to move to Toronto, Canada. As the lifestyle is so different to the UK but it is very expensive and if I can't afford that then I would live in the country side near London. As I don't really like where I am - to many bad memories. 

48, I haven't been on a plane in about 5 years but I do love to go on planes. It's just something about being above the clouds. Its very dreamy and magical and I just love fluffy clouds. 

49, I love to have friends that like the same things that I like and not have completely different passions. That's the great thing about blogging is that you can meet/ talk to people you never would have in normal life as most people just think I'm crazy because I love/ collect make-up. If you want to have a chat with me - I'd love to add me on twitter and tweet me (@BowsBeautyB or there's a link in the side bar.) I also have an e-mail address at

50, In the near future I'd like to be following my dreams to becoming a professional make-up artist and I also want to do a lot more here on my blog as my 3 biggest hobbies/ passions are make-up, photography and writing - and joining all three up just makes sense. 

If you have made it to the end of this then congrats! I hope you enjoyed and you have probably learnt a lot about me. I also shared a lot with you which feels very weird for me especially since I've not been this personal before! I'm now going to add a few of my favourite quotes just since I love them them so much.

Would you like to see separate posts with quotes?

Sunday, 8 September 2013

MAC Creme Cup


If you know me then you'll know that I love lipstick, I wear it almost every single time I have make-up on. And I realised the other day when I was planning posts that I haven't really talk about my favourite lipsticks especially since it's one of my favourite products as it can really change your look. Today I am focusing on my all time favourite lipstick, I know a big statement but I think it's true! 

I am talking about MAC - Creme Cup, one of my favourite brands of lipstick is MAC as there formula's are so good. I like that all there lipsticks have different finishes e.g cremesheen, frost, glaze ect - if you would like I could do a separate post explaining finishes. But Creme Cup is a cremesheen finish which is my favourite out of them all as it is creamy and easy to apply, it has has a glossy effect to it but it's not overly glossy which I like! The colour is describe as a "light blue pink" which I would agree with but it is a light pink but it's not a pale colour that will blank out your lips. If you are looking for an everyday colour that is wearable  would defiantly  recommend this as it is a neutral shade. 

MAC have slowly been putting there lipstick prices up and up, they are now £15 which is okay for the quality and pigmentation - and it won't stop me buying them for now but hopefully they don't go up much more or I may have to stop!

Have you tired Creme Cup?

Friday, 6 September 2013

Essie Fiji // The Best Nail Polish Ever!?!

You might of guessed by the title but I have a new favourite nail polish! Have you tried Essie - Fiji? If you haven't you have to go and get it, it is the nicest colour! It is a clean pale pink, it's so flattering with all skin tones including my pale skin and I can't wait until I go on holiday and have a nice tan! 

You have properly heard a lot about this nail polish, most beauty bloggers either have it on the wishlist or they wear it on there nails most of the time. I have it on my nails most of the time when it starts to chip, I re-paint my nails. It last for about 3 - 4 days on my nails but since my nails start to grow, it tends to need to be re-done after a few days. A lot of light coloured nail polishes don't have much pigmentation but this does it opaque and beautiful after 2 coats. It's normally priced at £7.99 but there are always offers on at Boots and Superdrug which is where it is sold. 

Have you tried Essie Fiji? 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Monthly Favourites // August 13

I've not done a monthly favourite post since June! When I was thinking about monthly favourites at the end of last month, I couldn't think of many products so I thought I would leave last month and do a bigger one this month. I have bought quite a lot of products this month and some of which have made it into my favourites! 

MAC - Studio Finish Concealer 

For the past few months I've had quite bad skin and nothing has wanted to cover it, I had heard a lot about how full of a coverage this concealer was. I have really like it, it definitely covers redness up but they are still noticeable but there isn't a lot you can do about acne! 

MAC - Charcoal Brown Eye-shadow

If you've ever watched a make-up tutorials by the wonderful Tanya Burr then you will know that she uses Mac's Charcoal Brown eye-shadow for her eyebrows and since her eyebrows always look amazing and since I was in need of a new brow powder - I thought I would give it a go and I'm so glad I did! 

Soap & Glory - Thick and Fast Mascara

I have re-discovered this mascara I used to use it all the time and I thought I would give it a go again. I love the look it gives to my lashes as it thickens them up but also gives my lashes a little bit of length. 

Maybelline - Baby Lips in Pink Punch

I have done a separate post on Baby Lips which I will link here. I absolutely love them especially since there are such good quality for the £2.99 price tag is amazing, I also love the packaging and the variety that you get. The is my favourite colour out of the range. 

Real Techniques - Blush & Powder Brush

I have also recently did a separate post on my Real Technique brushes and have done a mini review / my collection which I will link here. I got these two brushes this months on an offer that was in Boots, I love these brushes especially the Blush Brush which I have been using for powder, bronzer and blush! 

Essie - Fiji

This is the colour I have been looking for, for so long! It is the perfect baby pink, it goes with everything and if you don't like nail colours that clash with your outfits then this is perfect as it goes with everything and it is so wearable. I just can't express how much I love it - it is basically the only nail colour I have had one this month! 

Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

The biggest pain for me about painting my nails would be waiting for them to dry even if I do them when I'm not doing anything they will find a way to smudge  This is a miracle product it literally dries your nails within a few minutes and you can get on with your day! Perfect!

Oilatum - Natural Repair Face Cream

Like I mentioned earlier I have recently had a bad bought of acne and so I have been trying to find products that help my skin. I also have quite dry skin as I have eczema so my skin is pretty dry. When I was a kid I used to use Oilatum bath stuff in fact the bottle the smell everything about oilatum basically says to me "my childhood" as when I was younger I did have it quite bad. Nic from Pixiwoo always used to use this at the beginning of her tutorials as she has dry skin and so I thought I would try it. Its very rich and creamy which I love and makes my skin feel amazing however it only comes in a 50ml tube which I have gone through rather quickly.

I hope you enjoyed, and found this somewhat helpful! There is definalty some of my new holy grail products in this months favourites! And sorry there a little bit late - I've been so busy I haven't had the time to write any new posts but I do have lots planned! 

Have you tried any of my favourite products?


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