Friday, 20 September 2013

My Wishlist #4 // Decorating My Room

I've been wanting my room to be decorated for a good few months now but decided to do it gradually because I can my mind so often. One day I want it to be bright colours the next I want it to be pastel. I found some wallpaper in B&Q that I liked that was on clearance because it was the end of the stock so I got two rolls of wallpaper for £14! Which I thought was pretty good. I spend quite a lot of time in my room, I write in my room and I do lots of crafts and card making. I want my room to motivate my and for it to make me feel happy. I was adding everything I wanted for my room to my want-worthy list so that I could see everything together and thought that I might share it with you! I will link my want-worthy list here - I have lots of different lists that you can have a look at everything I would like but I warn you I would like a lot! 

1, Next - Mauve Bedding Set // I love Next for there bedding, especially their plain bedding as it lasts really well and is very soft and cosy which is a must for me. I would love light coloured bedding but I have 2 dogs that love to sleep anywhere that's comfy and it is impossible to get them off the bed as they will go in a huff with you all day! And with 2 dogs light coloured bedding is a bit risky so I have decided to get a darker colour so that if anything happens it wouldn't be ruined! The colour shown in the photo is what I am going for, for all of my bedding and curtains. 

2, Next - Natural Knit Throw // Does that throw not just look so cosy!?! I think it will be so cosy snuggling up in bed watching a movie with a cup of tea but I not in a hurry to get this as I already have a throw that will go with my room.

3, You may recognise this piece of furniture. It is of course the Ikea - Alex 9 Drawer Unit, I got it to store make-up and other bits. I normally store my make-up on my vanity or dressing table in muji boxes but they were over-flowing and taking up so much room as I think I had more than 10 boxes! I am still going to use them just for different things in different places. I have already got it. I went and bought it on Monday and spent the entire day filling and organising it! And that's why there was no posts on Monday!

4, Next - Door Sign // I think it is so cute and can't wait to get it! It's not every clear in the photo but it says "Shh... Beauty Sleep in Progress".

5,Paper chase - Triora Photo Frames //  I love to have photos around my room, it's really important to me. I am planning on getting 3 of this style - 2 big ones and a smaller one. I already own paper chase photo frames and have had them for quite a few years and still going very strong! 

6, H&M - 3 Pack Storage Boxes // You may think books, really?! But these are actually storage boxes, how genius! These are super cute, they don't really go with my room all that well but I really want them!

7, Muji - Acrylic Boxes 2 Drawer  // I already have about 10 muji boxes but these one are longer in length, which would work better as I want to put my mac and urban decay palettes in them and other bits that don't fit into the drawers I currently have. I'm not in a rush for them, in fact it will properly be one of the last bits I get.

8, Next - Harrison Pillow // I am still unsure of what pillows to decorate my bed. I could still use a couple of what I already use but I need to go into a store and properly look them instead of looking online as you can't really tell what colours they really are. 

9, Next - Boudoir Pillow // I thought this would be a nice pillow to be at the end of the pillows - well I really am not explaining this very well but it works in my head ... honest! 

You may think things like artwork is missing but I already have it! I have a canvas picture of a ballerina which I wanted for so much time and is one of the main reasons that I bought it! I hope you enjoyed and if you have seen any home stuff that you think I would like then let me know in the comments! 

Do you like any of the items featured?


  1. I really wish the Alex unit came in black, I really want it but the rest of my furniture is black so I think it would look a bit silly

    1. I know what you mean, luckily all my furniture in my room is already white so it goes nicely! Becki x



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