Friday, 6 September 2013

Essie Fiji // The Best Nail Polish Ever!?!

You might of guessed by the title but I have a new favourite nail polish! Have you tried Essie - Fiji? If you haven't you have to go and get it, it is the nicest colour! It is a clean pale pink, it's so flattering with all skin tones including my pale skin and I can't wait until I go on holiday and have a nice tan! 

You have properly heard a lot about this nail polish, most beauty bloggers either have it on the wishlist or they wear it on there nails most of the time. I have it on my nails most of the time when it starts to chip, I re-paint my nails. It last for about 3 - 4 days on my nails but since my nails start to grow, it tends to need to be re-done after a few days. A lot of light coloured nail polishes don't have much pigmentation but this does it opaque and beautiful after 2 coats. It's normally priced at £7.99 but there are always offers on at Boots and Superdrug which is where it is sold. 

Have you tried Essie Fiji? 


  1. I personally prefer the models own utopia which is the same shade but a better consistency! £7.99 is way too much for a nail polish in my opinion xxxx

    1. I've only ever tried the glitter nail polishes from Models Own, but I want to try more colours. What colours do you recommend? Becki xx



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