Monday, 23 September 2013

Collection - Work The Colour Eye Shadow Pencil // Review

I have to apologise for the quality of the pictures, this was my third attempt at trying to take photos along with the metallic writing that is very difficult to take photos of and glumly whether it has become quite a challenge to get good enough photos! 

Recently lots of brands have been coming out with eye shadow pencils, I have to say I really like eye shadow pencils. They're really easy to you use especially if your in a rush.I either wear them by themselves and I'll blend them out just so I have something on my eyelids or I use them as a base for my eye shadow. When I was re-organising my make-up last week as I got new storage (more on that here) I realised I have never done a post on any of my eye shadow pencils and since I just got the new Collection - Work The Colour Eye Shadow pencils and love them I thought this would be perfect timing. 

The pencils are fairly new as they've been out for about a month now. They claim to be "Velvety, soft blendable eye shadow pencil. Waterproof and Long Lasting." I would actually agree with everything that they say with is quite rare that I agree with everything the brand says the product is especially when it comes to being water proof. I've never really been in a situation when I needed all my make-up to be waterproof but when I have swatched on my hand it is still on there later in the day and it hasn't smudged even when I'm washing my hands it didn't come of, I have also tried to scrub it off my hand with a baby wipe and it was very difficult to get it of but it does come off easily with proper make-up remover. They are easy to blend but you do need to work reasonably fast as they do dry quite fast. They come in six colours which for the high-street is a pretty good section, the colours are: 

Vanilla Sky - Cream
Gunmetal Glitz - Gray / Silver
Vintage Blush - Rosy Pink
Hot Chocolate - Mid-toned Brown
Midnight Glam - Black
Denim Diva - Blue 

I have Vanilla Sky, Vintage Blush and Hot Chocolate which are the perfect shades for me as they're soft and natural colours. The range of colours is really nice as they have as the basics and more covered. As you might guess they are a pencil so not many ways to package pencils but Collection have done a good job the outside of the pencil is the same colour as the pencil inside with metallic silver writing - which can be pretty hard to read and impossible to take photos of but it does look pretty. These are only priced at £3.19 which I think is pretty good if you think about the quality of product that your getting. If your looking to purchase these they're on sale at both Boots and Superdrug. If your thinking about getting these I defiantly recommend it as they are so pigmented and are such nice quality for a cheap high-street brand! 

Have you tried these pencils? 


  1. I love them! I really want to pick up some other colours, morrisons I think are doing 2 for £5 at the moment. :)

    1. They are really good! Boots also have an offer on just now :) x



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