Monday, 6 May 2013

What's in my handbag // Zara Office City Bag

I have recently purchased a new handbag which means I have to do an updated what’s in my handbag! If you read lots of beauty and fashion blogs you would have defiantly seen this bag, it’s know even known as the “beauty blogger bag” which is pretty cool and I can see why so many of us beauty bloggers have it! But it's offical name is Zara - Office City Bag. It has so much space with five compartments, three zipped and two with a magnetic closers – the middle zipped compartment is padded for a laptop and I tried mine and it just fits with no space at all (my laptop is 14 ½ inches). There is also an ipad compartment in one of the magnetic compartments but since I don’t have any ipad, kindle object I just keep the long strap of the bag and any cables I need to carry. In another magnetic compartment there is a small zipped pocket perfect for storing your lip combo of the day, phone holder and a bit of credit cards but I keep my headphones there! I read some reviews that said the zips were very stiff and I must be lucky because the zips on my bags are absolutely fine and aren't stubborn or hard to use at all! The bag comes in two colours black and tan but obviously from the pictures above I have the black bag. The bag has two small handles that sit in the middle of your arm but be warned if you have a lot in your bag it gets heavy and sore very quickly, it does have a long strap that is in the same material as the bag with matching shoulder strap but I am yet to use it but I do carry it with me in case it get a bit heavy. As for the material for the bag, I personally love it – I think it looks quite expensive and chic! The “hardware” is all gold coloured.
For what I carry in my bag… well with extra space means me carrying extra items I really don’t need! I carry a cream cosmetic bag with a brown studded bow from primark; I carry essentials and important things. This would include wipes, tissues, hand-gel, plasters, paracetamol, tampons and a mini deodorant – just in case! I also carry quite a large make-up bag to carry everything beauty related so it’s all together and not floating about, the make-up changes daily depending on what I have on. I however always carry Armani Code Perfume, Ted Baker Butterfly Body Spray, Soap & Glory Hand Food, Carmex Lip Balm in Pink, Tangle Tamer hair brush, curby grips and hair bobbles – the make-up bag is from Ted Baker. I also carry my glasses for driving or being able to see (even though I don’t wear them!) they are from Red or Dead and my sunglasses both the case and the glasses are from River Island. I also carry important things like my keys, an umbrella from accessorize, my purse by Marc by Marc Jacobs, an earphone holder and my white iPhone 4s and the case is one I made and will be selling shortly (if you would like a phone case just now then e-mail me at and it can be arranged - I do them in lots of colours and for most phones!)
I have to say I really think this bag completes an outfit and it was totally worth the £49.99 price tag which I personally think is quite cheap for what you’re getting considering I have paid much more for other bags and like this the same if not more! I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful or interesting somehow! If you have any questions about the bag if you’re considering purchasing it you can comment below or email me at I will also leave a link that will take you straight to the bag on the official Zara website here. – Thanks for Reading.


  1. I have this bag too. I love it :)

  2. I love that bag so much! It's so classy.

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

    1. It does look quite bussiness like, my mum says it looks like brief case but i love it! Becki x



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