Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Collective Haul // Primark, Zara, Mac, Origins, Boots & More



As you could probably tell by the pictures above that I have kept my self-busy by doing a spot of shopping both online and in store. This has all accumulated over many trips as I struggle to say no although saying that if I said yes to everything this would be a much bigger haul that would probably be in three parts and my bank balance would probably be in the minus even though it is a bit battered. Anyway let’s get on with the haul...
I am going to start with probably the most exciting item and that has to be my Zara Office City Bag in black, I have already done a post with this bag - it was a what's in my bag/ review type of post which I will link . I have to say I love it and so glad I finally caved! To keep it on the same theme of fashion related item - I have been on a few trips to primark which to be honest is quite rare for me as I normally go about twice a year and I have been about three times in two weeks! I mainly only go for vest tops or casual t-shirt for around the house and only went in because I was passing, well that was a big mistake! I love primarks “stretchy vest tops” they have a thick shoulder strap and are good quality for only about £2.50, I then got spaghetti strap vest tops for wearing under sheer tops or shirts. I also got a few plain t-shirts and a pair of neon Hello Kitty pjs but forgot to photograph them! I have also been on the search for a plain black maxi skirt as it is such a staple for spring/ summer and I would get so much wear out of it. I was originally going to get one from next as it was really the only one I had seen but whist in primark I spotted one for only £10! I’ve been looking for lace bandeaus top for a while now but could only find them at Hollister for £24! So I was quite relived when I saw a cream and black lace bandeau for only £3, they only come in two colours and are defiantly not as good quality as Hollister so I’m going to see how I get on with these. I also got two packs of face clothes, a printed headband to keep my hair out of my face when I’m doing make-up, I also got some small elastic bands for small braids and finally I also got a cute make-up bag (because I was in desperate need of more –not!)
For beauty products it would be far to say I went a little crazy but I did have some vouchers or there was other offers on in boots like 3 for 2 which gets me every time! I often avoid boots if I know these offers are on and send my mum for any necessities I need! I originally went in to get Essie’s Fuji but they didn’t have it at the boots I was in for I opted for Revlon’s – Colourstay Nail Polish in Café Pink which is very similar apart from its just a bit more baby pink, I also ran out of my base coat and top coat at the same time so I didn’t want to get two separate products therefore I opted for Revlon – Multi- Care Base and Top Coat. I already had a £2 of Revlon voucher and there was on offer on for 3 for 2 on Revlon products so I was looking at the new shades of lip butters and there was some lovely colours but a bit bright for me especially for day to day but there was a very light pink and it is very sheer so it add a tiny peachy pink tint to your lips but it’s mainly just shine and this is called Pink Lemonade and it is perfect for when I’m not wearing much make-up which is most days! I have seen a lot of hype around the new L’Oreal Lip Splashes which are meant to be like the YSL – Glossy Lips which I already have one of the colours and I love the YSL ones but they are so expensive and I just can’t bring myself to get any more so I was eager to see if they are similar and oh my L’Oreal, they are identical from the feeling on your lips, to the smell and everything! The only thing I would have to say if L’Oreal doesn’t have much colour ranges but apart from that they are amazing – stock up! I got the colour in 102 Romy. I then re-purchased my favourite liquid liner which is Soap & Glory – Supercat Liquid Liner and if you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know this is one of my staple products which I have talked about a lot! I also had a voucher for the new seventeen mascara called Doll’d Up and I was able to get it for £2 when it is normally around the £6.50 mark and I actually really like it so very glad I got that. For most of us long haired girls washing your hair every day is not only bad for your hair but impossible as it takes a life time for it to dry and then style it so dry shampoo is extremely important and I have fallen out of love with my Batiste dry shampoo and had heard great things about the TREsemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo so I got a small can to try it out and so far I like it but will keep you posted with a full review in a few weeks’ time.
I also did a cheeky order on MAC and I was well restrained and only got one item from their new collection! My skin for really the first time ever has been extremely acne prone and has been very dry in places and my foundation that I normally use weren’t covering it as much as I needed, so I decided to get MAC – Studio Sculpt Foundation I had it a while ago but went to more sheer foundations as the studio sculpt is a full coverage foundation and I knew it would cover what I needed it to. I then got a lipstick from the new Baking Beauties collection – the lipstick is called Raspberry Swirl it has a crème sheen finish (my favourite finish). It is a “light white blue pink”. As I mentioned earlier my skin has been really dry and acne prone – the worst it’s ever been! So I decided the products I was using in my skin care weren’t working out so I researched a lot about skin care and got two items to clear my skin up, I still want to get a few more products but I didn’t want to over load my skin. While doing my research I heard and read a lot about two Origins products so I was in desperate need and parted with £20 for each of the bottles but it is meant to last for quite a while but I am glad I got them my skin has mostly cleared up and is on the road to being back to how it used to be! I got the Origins – Clear Improvements Mask and Origins – Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, I am going to feature them in a post shortly.
I am also going to add in a few sneaky purchases that I got this past weekend but I was originally planning on having this post up before the reasons below stopped me from doing that. I have been wanting a pair of white converse for a while but I don't own any trainers and it don't wear that style of shoes but really wanted to try them I got the thin sole ones I like them so far and I might even do a post on how I style them. I also was so excited when I seen the next three items in superdrug especially since it was 3 for 2! I got two of the Bourjois Cream Blushes which I didn't even think where meant to be out yet - I got two shades 01 and 03. I have been waiting for the Maybelline - Mega Plush Mascara to be released since it came out in America and when I seen it in the stand I almost fainted - well i quite literally stopped dead in my tracks meaning my mum crashed into me! So that is mainly what I have gotten over the last few weeks this post has actually taken a while to get up as I had problems with my Internet and then my laptop cable broke and I had all my photos that were already edited and my post that I had already started all trapped on a laptop that wouldn’t start! So I am finally able to blog and it felt weird not being able to! I hope you enjoyed – Thanks for Reading.


  1. The more I see this bag, the more I want it xx


    1. I love it! I have done a review of the bag it was the post before this and I go into detail so if your indecided than hopefully that will help. Thanks // Becki x

  2. I love that Zara bag! I 've been trying to convince myself that I don't need it, but I really do lol! It looks so much like the Prada bag too! I like your instagram pics. How do upload yours onto blogger because I had such a hard time uploading my IG pics onto my blog and I am trying to find a better way of doing that. Love the beauty products you picked up too.

    1. I do it via my iPhone and then I come onto my laptop! Hope that helped, if you need more help then feel free to email me on bowsbeautybeckiblog@gmail.com! Becki x



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