Monday, 22 October 2012

♥ Tag - How Much is Your Face Worth? Edition Two ♥

A few months ago I did the "How much is your face worth?" because I thought it was really interesting how much all the make-up you put on can actually come to! I will link it here. And today I thought I would do another one with what make-up I have been tending to wear recently since my last one is my fifth most popular post! Last time I had sample included but this time I am only using full sized so that it is very accurate! I will not be including brushes again but if you want me to include them in the next "How much is your face worth? then just comment below. (Click on the prices of the products to me taken to were there sold.)


Benefit - That Gal (Brightening Face Primer) - £21.50

MAC - Pro Long Wear Concealer in NW15 - £14.50

Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1 - £4.19

MAC - Face & Body Foundation in C1 - £26.50

MAC - Blot Powder in Medium - £20.00

Bourjois - Bronzing Powder in 51 - £6.99

MAC - Pinch O'Peach Blush - £17.50

17 - Miami Pop Bronzer - £4.99
(Limited Edition)


Urban Decay - Primer Potion in Eden - £14.50

MAC - Naked Lunch Eye Shadow - £12.00

MAC - Satin Taupe Eye Shadow - £12.00

Soap & Glory - Supercat Liquid Eyeliner in Black - £6.00

Maybelline - Colossal Volume Mascara in Black - £7.19


MAC - TenderTone - Hush Hush - £12.00
(Limited Edition)

MAC - Lipstick - Angel - £14.00

Grand Total - £193.86

I am acturally shocked! I thought it was going to be a lot more! Not £15.13 less! I hope you enjoyed this and why don't you calutate "how much your face is worth" and comment below to let me know!

This is a very wearable everyday make-up look, that doesn't take much time. If you would like me to do a tutorial then just comment below!

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

♥Favourites - My Top 10 Blushes ♥

As some of you may know I am a product junkie and love to try new products out, even though I love to get new products, I also love my trusted products I have had for a while and always go back to them! It takes a lot for a new product to completely replace a trusted one and make it into my mental favourites list! Today I am going to give you my mental list of favourite blushes and let you see which ones I really trust and rely on! I always were blush as I think it brightens your complexion up and brings a look together. Here is a brief description of my top ten blushes! (Click on the prices to take you to the website to buy them!)

Benefit - Coralista

I am a big fan of Benefit cheek products, both there box of powders and there cheek and lip tints. I have had Coralista for about two years now, so I should probably get rid of it but I can't bare my self to do that! As you can see in the photo I still have quite a bit let and I have had it for two years and use it on a regular basis. Coralista is as it sames in the name a coral colour! It lasts well throughout the day and suits most skin tones - I have really pale skin and it's a good colour on me. I also love the fun packaging! You can get this at any Benefit counter or online for £23.50.

Benefit - Dandelion

This is my second boxed blush with my top ten blushes, and I think it just proves that I really do love these blushes! Dandelion is a light pink that just adds a nice colour to your cheeks and makes them look more alive and gives them a bit of dimension. This blush is easy to wear, good pigmentation and I simply love it! You can get this at any Benefit counter or online for £23.50.

MAC - Pinch O'Peaches

I got this blush after about 6 months + of wanting it, I first tried this blush back in August 2011 when I got my first MAC foundation and when the girl at the MAC counter tested the foundation on the side of my face she covered a some of my blush and she thought Pinch O'Peaches was the best match to what I was wearing before (which was Benefit Coralista). Anyway long story short I loved that blush and put it on my beauty wish list. (Let me know if you would like me to do post about my beauty wish list!) I love this blush so much from the pigmentation to the finish. You can get this at a Mac store or counter or online for £17.50.

MAC - LadyBlush

I got lady blush a few months ago and I love the formulation of there creme blend blush, this is the first one I own and it has defiantly encourage me to get more colours, (like I need encouragement!) The colour isn't like any think I already have and I was unsure how to describe the colour so I went to the website and they describe it as a "warm natural coral". Overall this blush is well pigmented, has a natural colour and blends well. You can get this at a Mac store or counter or online for £17.50.

Benefit - Posie Tint

First I have to say that I don't have the full size of this - I only have a few sample sizes of this! This is my all time favourite cheek stain, it has a really natural pink colour and I love that it gives a nice sheen your cheeks. I do like to set it with a powder blush recently I have been using MAC Pinch O'Peaches over the top. A tip I would give is work fast and eventually you will learn how the product works best for you! You can get this at a Benefit counter or online for £24.50.

Benefit - Cha Cha Tint and Elf - Candid Coral

I have only recently got Cha Cha Tint (sample again) and I really like the colour and as I said before I like to set liquid cheek stains with powder blush and I think Elf's Candid Coral goes perfect together! I haven't really worn this because I think it is more for spring and summer and were in autumn. You can get Cha Cha Tint from a Benefit counter or online for £24.50. And you can get Candid Coral online for £3.75.

Elf - Tickled Pink

The main reason I got this blush was because I heard lots of American beauty bloggers/vloggers talking about this and I thought it looked like a nice blush. I love the packaging it is very "nars" like. For the price you get a good quality product, that's a nice colour and has reasonable pay off. You can get this online for £3.75.

Maybelline - Dream Touch Blush - 02 Peach

This was the first cream blush that I ever tried and one of my favourites, it has a very creamy formulation and is really pigmented - the colouring is amazing! It lasts well thought out the day and the packaging is cute and elegant with the coloured top that matches the product and the glass bottom. You can get this at boots or superdrug for £6.49.

17 - First Date

I love the 17 blushes but something that really annoys me is that they change the names to the blushes all the time! First of all their blushes I love Bramble Forest and went through about four of them, then they either discontinued them or they change the names. So I picked the nearest colouring but this one is a bit deeper in colour. Anyway I love everything about it, you can get it at any boots for £3.49.

Natural Collection - Peach Melba

Natural Collection is a brand within boots that has reasonable prices, there's colours are good and for a few pound. The packaging isn't very good in fact the pan of product falls out! But with that aside it is a great blush if you have a budget. You can get this at any boots store for £1.99.

I am always on a look out for new colours, formulations and textures, if you have any blushes you could recommend then please leave a comment below to tell me! Do you use any of the blushes I love? If so, then leave a comment below and let me know what your opinion is of them!

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

♥ Skin Care - My Acne Fix's ♥

Recently I have had some problems with acne, I have never had a huge breakout all over my face but I do often get spots on my chin and forehead but recently they have been rather bad recently and don't seem to want to budge. So I went onto some blogs and searched for the most recommened spot fixers. And I came up with two products that are talked about quite alot (One more than an other) in the beauty community and have tried them for myself to see if they are worth the hype. I have only used them for about a week and so far I believe they are worth the hype but when I have used them for a few more weeks I will do a full review on each of them.

SudoCrem -

There isn't much to tell you about this apart from how I use it - I put the all over my face before I go to bed as I was told by a friend that it helps to stop spots as they come up, and helps keep them at bay. This comes in different sizes therefore different prices and can be found any where that sells baby items.

Origins - Super Spot Remover -

First of I have to say when this arrived in the post I was very shocked by how small the bottle is! It's teeny tiny! But apart from that the clear gel is really good and works well so far! Again I don't want to say to much and wait until my review but this is a little gem! I also apply this to spots using a pointed cosmetic cotton bud. This is prices £12 from Boots.

Any way this was just a little update to keep you updated on my skin care routine ( ) and let me know if you use any of these products and ways you use them!

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♥ Magazine Freebies! - Instyle Benefit Goodies! ♥

When I go to do my monthly food and beauty supply shop, I always have a good look at the magazines and not whats in the magazine because you can find that all out online most of the time - but I look to see what beauty freebies are within the magazine. I got last months InStyle magazine because it had Clinque goodies and I seen an ad within the magazine advertising next month (now this month) magazine would have samples of Benefit's SunBeam, BeneTint and Cha Cha Tint.

I love these types of freebies because I hate to spend lots of money on a product I don't even know if I am going to like, as well as I got these type of samples from Benefit before and they are still lasting me really well! I got 4 magazines which came to £15.20, the samples I got were a Benetint, a Cha Cha Tint and two Sun Beam's.

Within the magazine there was a small sample of Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation,
If you have seen some good magazine freebies, then let me know! Did you get this months InStyle? If so, which Benefit goodies did you get?

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

♥ Review - Elf Eyebrow Kit ♥

Today I am going to write a review for a product I absolutely love and that was featured in my September faves, and if you haven't figured what I am talking about then keep reading...


This is a little compact kit with two pans in it, one powder and one wax. The aim of the product is to "Create brows that are fuller, thicker and more defined!"

How it works?

On the website it says to fill your eyebrows with the wax then set with the powder but for me I think it works better using the powder to fill in your brows as it is a lighter colour then using the wax to set them as it is a darker colour.


As all of there packaging it is very nars like - black, sleek and compact. It also comes with a mini mirror and double sided mini brush inside the compact. The double sided brush has an angled brush and a 'c' shaped brush.


It is £3.75 from

Overall opinion

Overall I really like this product as it does what it's meant to at an affordable price. I personally think it is really important to have defined eyebrows as it does a lot to the shape if your face. The main point I like about it is that it lasts all day and doesn't fade or smudge and looks natural throughout the day. The only thing I don't like has nothing to do with the product, and that is that you can't buy elf in stores in the uk (e.g boots/superdrug) so even though the colour I have matches me if you weren't sure what colour you would be it might be tricky. I know I would defiantly buy more from elf if I could go to a store and see the colours for myself instead of seeing them over a screen! I am in the colour "light".

Have you tried this? Or have you tried any other eyebrow kits? If so then let me know in the comments below. And you would like me to do an updated eyebrow routine then also let me know but I will do one within the next few months!

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