Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olympics London 2012 - Inspired Nail Art

I'm not really a sporty person, but I have really gotten into the Olympics. I have discovered new sports I had never heard of and I have fallen in love with some sports which I would love to try (if I had the guts!) I have been so inspired by them since I can't do the sports, I thought I could turn it into something I can do and I tried nail art for the first time! So here is how I have found it easiest to so a Union Jack on my own nails. I am using a limited edition nail art kit from 17 (boots), It's called Best of British and contain 3 nail polishes (blue, red & white) and all the brushes in the nail polishes are nail art brushes!

Step One - Base & Base Colour

Its important to use a base, to protect your nail from dis-colouration and it will also help your own nail to grow and be strong. I use OPI - Natural Nail Strengthener and a apply one coat onto each nail. I then used 17 Lasting Fix -Midnight Sapphire over all of my nails (two coats). Don't worry if its messy, at the end you can fix it very easily.

Step Two -  Feature Nail

I already have the base colour for my nail (blue) and I then used 17 Fast Finish - Knockout Red and made a cross on my nail, I applied two - three coats to give full colour pay off!

I then lined the outside of the red cross with 17 Lasting Fix - Mini Skirt, It is difficult especially if your not using your dominant hand! So take your time and do small storkes!

Still using 17 Lasting Fix - Mini Skirt, I went from the corner of the white "L" shape and made a small line to the edge of my nail going diagonally.

Step Three - Touch ups and Finishing
Any touch ups needing done can know be done, weather it be touching up mistakes doing the flag or around your nail. If its around your nail just use your normal nail polish remover and a cotton bud and go around the edges of your nails. Then add a top coat of your choice I used Leighton Denny - Crystal Finish.

And that's it! I think I did really well considering it's my first time I have tried any type of nail art!

Have you been in the patriotic spirit? And have you been watching the Olympics? If so, whats your favourite event? Last Question ... I would love to know ... Are YOU going to try this? Comment Below!

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