Saturday, 30 March 2013

♥ My Guest Post on Natalie Roseanne's Nail and Beauty Blog! ♥

I have recently done a guest post for Natalie on her blog Natalie Roseanne's. I love her blog she does many post mainly about beauty and nails. I would defiantly recommend that you check her blog out if you haven't done so already! I did a post for her about my top five spring nail polishes which is linked here. Here is a little sneak peak!

Hi, I'm Becki from Dreams With Butterflies. I'm going to do a guest post for Natalie since she is home for Easter. Today I'm going to share with you my top five favourite nail polishes for spring, and if your lucky enough to be already in spring I am incredibly jealous as it is the end of march and the UK has snow! I mean whats that all about? I am a strong believer we should only have snow for Christmas day and not when we could be were spring clothes and possibly even sandals!

I personally love painting my nails and doing nail art on them, and well if I don't have anything on my nails I kind of feel naked! Is anybody else like that? Any way as always spring is the time to get all the pastel coloured items out and I am no different I love wearing pastel colour more on my nails.

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