Tuesday, 18 December 2012

❄ C2C - Santa Claus is Coming to Town - How I Have Decorated My Bedroom For Christmas! ❄

First off I have to say I feel like a wee kid as there is only a week till Christmas! Today I am going to show you how I decorated my room for Christmas I was planning on either showing you a decoration or baking post but I didn't have any time! So I am going to strip this right back and show you how I decorated, I was also planning on showing you my whole house but my one and a half year old puppy has destroyed our Christmas decorations downstairs! I am now going to show you photos of my Christmas tree and ornaments, I will the give you a few tips for decoration your own bed room at a low cost!

Tree from Tesco (last year)

Ornaments from Tesco and Asda.

My Tips!

Tinsel... You can get it in many colours or a few colours in one. I like putting this around your tree and any accents in a room just like on doors, mirrors, curtain pole and tv's. Well you get the idea!

Baubles - you can make then into a cluster and have them hanging from song where or have them sitting in a bowl. You could also have them in different sizes, colours and textures.

Colours - I would recommend sticking to a colour shemce, for example my bed room is normally pink, white and black therefore I stuck to that a black tree and pink accents.

You don't need to spend a fortune the most I spent on one decoration was £5 bur most of them were around the £2 range! I hope you enjoyed and tell me in the comments if your ready for Christmas and what you are looking forward to!

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