Monday, 30 December 2013

New Years Eve Make-Up // Half Baked & Charcoal Brown


I have never really been one to celebrate New Years Eve but I do love the fact that you can go all out with the sparkles and glitter and it's allowed (within reason of course!) Often you want to start the New Year looking your best so we tend to go that little extra step to look our best. A lot of time will go into your make-up, hair, nails and of course your outfit. I am going to show you a make-up look which would be very similar to what I would wear if I was doing something exciting but I properly going to do something very casual - if I do anything at all! Any way let's get into this as it's going to be a long one so you might want to get a cuppa tea!

I am going to start with clean moisturised skin, I am then going to use a primer as New Years Night is probably going to be a long one and you'll need your make-up to withstand all the fun! I am using Rimmel - Fix & Perfect Pro Primer - its quite think but I love how it's quite think and really helps your products last and go on easily.

For concealer I am using my trusted Collection - Lasting perfection Concealer on any blemishes and under my eyes as well as on my eyelids as this also makes a great eye-shadow primer. For foundation I am using MAC- Studio Sculpt Foundation, I am using this as it is a full coverage and it makes your skin look as perfect as well my skin could be! For extra coverage on problematic areas like my skin I am going to use a full coverage concealer just so my skin looks clear and flawless. The full coverage concealer I am using is MAC - Studio Finish Concealer. 

I am then going to leave my base there and going on to do my eyebrows and my eyes. For eyebrows I am going to start of by using a plain mascara spule and brushing them through so that there neat and so there the shape I want them to be. I am then going to start by lightly filling in my eyebrows with Rimmel - Eyebrow Pencil in 001 Dark Brown - then with an angled brush and MAC - Charcoal Brown Eye shadow I am going to fill my eyebrows so that there are no gaps or sparse areas. To neaten them up and make them stand out I am going to use another angled brush and go around my eyebrows with the same MAC concealer as before ( Studio Finish ) I am then going to use a flat brush and blend it out. I am then going to set my eyebrows so they don't budge with Maybelline - Brow Drama in Dark Brown and this will act like hairspray for your eyebrows!

Moving onto our eyes and I've actually kept them pretty simple. I have already primed my eyes with my collection concealer and I am going to go straight in with Half Baked by Urban Decay this is a gorgeous gold and I'm going to put it all over my lid concentrating the colour in the inner half of my eye. I am then use MAC - Charcoal Brown Eye Shadow in my crease and outer corner for definition. I am then using Maybelline - Eye Studio Gel Liner along my upper lash line and slightly flicking it out but I want it to be very subtle flick. I am of course curling my eyelashes and using Maybelline - Rocket Volume mascara as it gives my lashes volume and holds the curl quite well. This would be the time to apply false lashes which if I where going out I would apply them but in actual fact I was looking after my baby nephew today and he likes to touch your face as it is! Defiantly didn't fancy him pulling lashes off of me! To finish my eyes off I am using Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl in Cocoa Bean in my water line and charcoal brown on a pointed brush to smudge it out and you can't forget to put mascara on your lower lashes!

To finish by base I am going use my YSL - Touché Éclat under my eyes between my eyebrows/ on the centre of my fore head and on my cupid bow and blend it out with my finger to blend it naturally. I am then going to contour with Benefit - Hoola under my cheek bones, temples, corner of my nose and on my chin as well as on my neck. I am then then going to highlight my cheekbones with Soap & Glory's - Solar Powder and I'm going to use the lighter side. For blush I wanted something bright so that it would pick my skin back up so that my face doesn't look completely flat! I am using MAC - Pinch O'Peaches. I am then going to set everything with Rimmel - Stay Matte Powder if you have oily skin your going to want to powder once you've finished using any liquid/ cream products but since I'm just using the powder to help set my make-up I'm just using a touch at the end.

Now all that's left to do is lips! I am using a bright pink which is MAC - Chatterbox which is an amplified finish so the colour will really pop and the colour will also last well. I am normally just a lipstick girl and rarely go for a gloss but I thought I might as well go all out so I am using MAC - Crème Sheen Glass in Boy Bait which is a natural colour so it will tone they lipstick down but it does make a gorgeous colour and you defiantly don't need much of the gloss!

To finish it all off and set it all into place so that nothing moves all day/night I am going to use a few sprays of MAC - Fix+ which will set it in place and thought-out the day or night if you feel really hot then a few sprays of fix+ will definitely cool you down!

I hope you enjoyed this look! I have to say sorry about the photos I originally did the make-up and photos yesterday (trying to be organised) but it got so dark so early and they photos didn't turn out good enough and so I got up super early this morning and re-did the make-up and then when it started to get bright it then started to down pour and it was again super dark and cloudy! So I hope they photos are good enough but I am a total perfectionist and if something isn't to a certain standard I just won't post it - you don't want to know the amount of post I've scrapped because they weren't good enough! I have problems I know! This is going to be my last post of 2013!!! Can you believe its going to be 2014 in two days - it actually scares me. I will be back on New Years Day with another post which I'm really looking forward to writing!

Happy New Year!
What are you doing this New Years Eve?


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