Sunday, 1 December 2013

Instagram Diaries #2

- Early Christmas Present from my Parents! Uggs! - Hot Chocolate Time - Brush Cleaning Time :) - Back To MAC -
- Mini MAC haul - The amount of lip products in my handbag! 12! - Quote - Mini Haul Rimmel Space Dusts -
- Rimmel Space Dusts in Aurora - Make-up Haul - Advent Calendar Time! -Today's Make-Up -

- Hello December -
It's December!!!! December is by far my favourite month - it has my birthday and Christmas and is just generally jolly and festive. It's an extra special year this year because it's my little nephews first Christmas! I am really close to him and look after him a few days a week and I can't wait to see his face when he get his presents - and I'm really really close to him and he's getting so big, I can't believe he is going to be one in the middle of January! Also it is my nineteenth birthday so my last year with "teen" in it - I'm totally not ready! Send me back to fifteen and do it over again! I have to say I've kind of neglected  my Instagram this past month so these photos are from the middle of October till about begging of November and the bottom ones are from the last week or so.

November has been a bit of a blur, I've been totally out of it and not really had a clue. With that being said I haven't had much time to blog and when I have there's been lots of lets say technical difficulties. But I think I'm back to my normal self and I have been planning a lot of post for December. December is like I said earlier my favourite month and I am for the second year doing a Christmas series counting down till Christmas - this years posts will come to you every Wednesday and if you want to know more about the post here's the first post in my Counting till Christmas Series - Counting Till Christmas // My Christmas Wishlist. Make sure to click that follow button in the sidebar to get all my posts in your subscription boxes - it's going to be a very busy month as I am dedicating myself to my blog and will defiantly be doing four posts a week, on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. If you like my Instagram photos then make sure to follow me my links in the sidebar or my username is @bowsbeautyandbecki.

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