Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Ten Most Used Beauty Tools //

We all love our beauty products right!? But we need tools so that we can create the perfect face - no? Today I am going to share with you my top ten beauty tools including brushes. I would also say these are the essentials that you need and then you can build on top of this but these most defiantly are the basics and would find it incredibly difficult to do make make-up properly without them!

Tweezerman - Mini Slant Tweezers
 Every single person in the world needs a good pair of tweezers, and Tweezerman are about as good as they get. I use them on a daily basis - to pluck my eyebrows, putting eyelashes on and quite a lot more! I even use them to open make-up products that won't open easily so that I don't chip my nails! I love these ones because there good quality, easy to use/ easy to hold and they are supper cute with little bumble bees even though some of the bees have rubbed off!

Cosmopolitan - Maximum Effect Eyelash Curlers
 I refuse to put mascara on without curling my eyelashes first! It just makes such a difference. I just picked this up in Superdrug one day and I have to say I really like they do the job!
Beauty Blender Sponge
 Please excuse the state of my beauty blender! I have had it for quite some time and well it's a mess! I really need to get a new one! If you don't know what a beauty blender is and think it's just a normal make-up sponge, well no! You put the sponge under running water and then squeeze the excess water out of the sponge and it gets about 3 times bigger than the size it the picture. With this sponge you can really get flawless looking skin!

Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush
 I defiantly over use this brush, it's just perfect! I normally use it day to day to blend out my concealer and foundation but you can also use it to contour with cream bronzers. I love how it blend in my base and because this brush is so dense it gives such a nice finish!

Real Techniques - Blush Brush
 Like the last brush I use this everyday, I tend to use this to put pressed powder on then my bronzer and then my blush. The shape is just perfect!!

Real Techniques - Base Shadow Brush
If you've not guessed by now I really like Real Techniques brushes! I use this to put eye shadow all over my eye-lid but you can again use it for many different uses like cream products and powder products. You can also use it for concealer, cream eye-shadow, powder eye shadow. I just love it!

Frontcover - Fluff & Buff Blending Brush
 This is exactly the same as the MAC 217 which is great for applying and blending colours in your crease. A brush like this is essential!

MAC - #224 Tapered Blending
 This is another must have brush for doing your eye make-up, when doing eye make-up you need to blend everything out even if your using natural colours and only two shades it's crucial  to blends to everything blends and doesn't look choppy and well awkward!

Real Techniques - Brow Brush
 Ahh... How to express my love for angled brushes! I have far to many and use about 3 different ones while doing my make-up! I use them to fill in my eyebrows, gel or powder eyeliner on my upper lash line and also to pack colour on my lower lash line. They are a must!

Elf - Lash & Brow Brush
This is a tool a lot of people abandon and to be honest so did I for a while put they are so handy. Of course there's the one side for eyebrows with is great for grooming and shaping, it's also very dense so that if you put to much product into your brows this can help to even it out. And we all have the time where we think on more coat of mascara and then all of a sudden you have lots of clumps in your lashes and there all stuck together, all you have to do if comb through your lashes and there separate and looking acceptable!

I hope you enjoyed and found this somewhat useful. All of the items above I have talked about before so you'll know I really do love them! My next post is going to be the official start of My Christmas Series - which I'm really excited and well I've been working really hard on it! Thanks for Reading!

What are your essential beauty tools?


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