Friday, 13 December 2013

Winter Essential // Beauty Edition

When it comes to winter us beauty junkies like to add even more products to our beauty regime  - if that was even possible! With that being said naturally I have to do a post telling you my Winter essentials, I was going to do one post with all my essentials but I thought that it might be more like a chapter from a book than a blog post so I am going to spit it into Beauty and then next Monday I'll do my fashion essentials. After all this is going to be a long enough post as it is - so I better get start!

The Body Shop - Cranberry Joy Body Butter
I am going to try an contain my love for this item! The smell is so Christmas-y and this is going to sound weird but it smells fizzy. I'm don't eat cranberries but this is just such an apportiate body butter for this time of year. It is really rich and creamy - it feels amazing on your skin on a cold winters day.
First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream
I recently re-discovered this, I used to use it everyday but then changed my moisturiser to help my acne, but I do need a thicker cream to put on at night as I do have really dry skin as it is and it is especially dry with the cold weather - this also works wonders on sore cracked hands!
Origins - Clear Improvements Mask
I mentioned the next two products in my recent Skin Care Routine post which I'll link here, so I won't go into to much detail as I explained all about them there! Basically this is great for cleaning your skin out and it is great to pick up dull skin in the winter time!
Origins - Drink Up Intensive
Again not going to go into detail like I said above. But if your skin is really dry and tight put this on before you go to bed and when you wake-up your skin will feel baby soft!
Soap & Glory - Scrub of Your Life
I feel like at this time of year skin can feel dull and dry so I like to use a scrub to get all the dead skin off - I like that this isn't really tough and it doesn't feel like its scratching your skin.
Soap & Glory - Heel Genius Foot Cream
Even though you don't see your feet much in the winter time they are generally either in fluffy socks or boots! But I don't like to forget about them they are still painted and this foot cream makes your feet nice and soft.
Macadamia - Healing Oil Treatment
We all know how the cold weather dries up our skin, well it can also dry your hair. My hair really needs trimmed so the ends are already pretty dead looking but this helps to pick them up and generally keeps your hair nice and soft.
Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer
A good concealer is always essential, it covers all your imperfections and makes your skin look as close to perfect as always. 
Benefit - Dandelion Blush
  This is a gorgeous light pink, it's very cool looking but it still helps to brighten your skin. 

Maybelline - Eye Studio Gel Liner in Black
For the longest time I was stuck in a rut of using liquid liner in the form of a pen. Basically because it was quick, easy and you didn't have to mess around with brushes. With that being said I have been taking more time with my eyeliner and have been loving the look of gel liner. 
Maybelline - The Falsies Mascara
Long full looking lashes are always a must no matter what time of year, I've really liked using the falsies recently as it separates my lashes but still gives them length. 

Maybelline - Brow Drama in Dark Brown
Recently everyone's been trying to get bold brow. I have never had super thin eyebrows they've always been on the thicker side but I still like them to have a good shape and groomed. This brow gel really is like hairspray for your eyebrows - they're not going to budge all day! 
Blistex - Intensive Moisturiser Lip Balm

Our lips get chapped really easly especially when it's cold out. This helps sore lips almost immediately, however don't be afraid how it looks because is you put the slightest bit to much on then it does look like you've bit white toothpaste over your lips! 
Maybelline - Baby Lips in Intensive Care, Peach Kiss & Pink Punch

As I mentioned before my lips get chapped really easily, so a lip balm with a tint of colour is perfect for day to day. This means that you can have a nice colour to your lips while still moisturising them. The colours named above are my favourite.
MAC - Angel Lipstick

Normally when it's hotter and brighter we use brighter coloured lip colours and in colder and cooler weather we tend to chose cooler and darker colours for our lips. I would love to pull of a darker lip and own quite a few darker colour - I just don't have the confidence to wear them out and about. So Instead I go for a deeper nude shade which happens to be Angel from MAC, one of my favourite colours from MAC!
I hope you enjoyed this beauty edition and in a few days the fashion edition will be up which will mostly consist of big coats, boots and lots of scarves!
What are your Winter Beauty Essentials?



  1. love Baby Lips!! They are great to have in a purse. Color and moisture! who can ask for more?! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. I totally agree! They couldn't be better even if they try! Becki x

  2. Great post, I really need to try that origins drink up mask x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Thanks! It is very good if you have very dry skin! Becki x



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