Friday, 31 January 2014

New Relases // Tanya Burr by eye Candy

I'm sure you are all going to be aware of the newest make-up line out which of course is coming from the gorgeous Tanya Burr by eye Candy or what it's been known as since the beginning of December #tanyaburrlipsandnails - I'm sure we have all used that hashtag at least once! The line includes 12 lip-glosses and 10 nail polishes. There are colours for everybody from the classic nudes, bold bright or vampy reds there really is a shade for everyone and that perfect shade (or shades plural in my case!) comes with a super cute name. You can tell that Tanya and everyone she has worked with really have thought about the products and they really are personal to her, just have a glance at the names of the items and you will know that Tanya really has names the products after her favourite things!

The Lip-glosses are priced at £6.99 and come in two different finishes which are crème and shimmer. Each lip-gloss has a doe-foot applicator and are designed to have a long lasting shine. The Colours are:
Afternoon Tea
Just Peachy
Champagne Toast
Picnic in the Park
Vampire Kiss
Lets Travel The World
Heart Skipped A Beat
Exotic Island
Smile, Dream, Sparkle
First Date
The Nail Polishes are priced at £5.99, the colours are of course stunning as you would expect just like the adorable name. There is a colour for everyone from baby pinks, bright corals and deep reds. The nail polish bottles are square in shape and have Tanya's logo on the front of the bottle, they also hold 12ml of product which is pretty average for a nail polish. They are also meant to be long-wearing, chip resistant and non-fading which a high shine finish which ticks every box for me! The Colours are:

Mini Marshmallows
Peaches & Cream
Bright and Early
Be Bright, Be Happy
Little Duck
Mischief Managed
Riding Hood
New York Night
Midnight Sparkles
Penguin Chic
You can currently get the lip-glosses and nail polishes at Feel Unique, which also has free international shipping! They are also going to be available in store soon but it hasn't been announced where yet (most likely Boots or Superdrug). I haven't had a chance to order mine yet but I defiantly know what I am wanting to get, and that leaves little left! I feel so proud and happy for Tanya, I have been watching her videos for years and years - and it's so amazing to see how she's grown and how much she's achieved! I can't wait to see what else Tanya has got in store for us and I can't wait to get my hands on everything!
Are you planning on getting any of Tanya's products?


  1. I wanted to try her nail polishes so badly, but they can't ship them to my country due to shipping restrictions :/ But I do like the look of the Afternoon tea lip gloss and I'll probably buy it, when I see some swatches :)

    1. Oh No! That's a shame! Hopefully you can get a hold of them soon :) Becki xx



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