Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Wishlist #5 // New Year, New Wardobe

I have been wanting to re-vamp my wardrobe for months now, but I've been on a saving spree therefore I haven't been buying much let along new clothes. I am now however in despite need of new clothes. So whist I am scanning my favourite shops - online first though do you do that as well look online and then go in store to get it? I rarely order clothes online as they often look nicer online than in person. Anyway I thought I would share with you the items that I am thinking of getting and you can share your opinion of what I might/ hope to get.

1, River Island - Cream V Neck Cami Top // A theme your going to see in this post is basic items that I can pair with both jeans and skirts and can be dressed down and dressed up. I think this is something that could go with quite a lot and it's only £12!

2, River Island - Light Pink Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt // Again something that is really versatile and could look cute with both jeans and skirts. I also love the colour of it.

3, Warehouse - Jacquard Jewel Neckline Tee // This is something that isn't like me to wear with the jewelled neckline, not because I don't like them just because I have never owned them before. I think this would look really nice tucked into a black skirt and maybe even a pair of black skinny jeans.

4, Topshop - Black Gathered Circle Skirt // I have been after a black skirt that can be you guessed it dressed up and down so that I can get a lot of use out of it. I haven't seen it in person yet but I hope its fits nicely.

5, Topshop - Black Crepe Pencil Skirt // This is purely for when I need to be more dressy and be more formal. This looks like it is exactly what I'm after.

6, Topshop - Black Leigh Skinny Jeans // I have a blue version of these jeans they are so soft and comfy but still look great on. I am despite for a pair of these and will defiantly be picking these up very soon!

7, Warehouse - Spare Box Chain Statement Necklace // Again I have wanted to get some statement necklaces for some months but haven't seen what I really love but this one I really love - hopefully it looks as nice in person!

8, Next - Natural Skinny Strap Watch // I am in despite need for the a watch, I have teeny tiny wrists and your typical watch will fall of my arm! I haven't owned a watch for about 3 years since my last one broke because I can't find any that I like or that fit me. Because the strap is material and skinny it should fit me - we'll just have to wait and see!

9, Warehouse - Zip Front Padlock Shopper // I love the look of my Zara City Shopper bag and totally love the idea of it but I find it really bulky and wide and I get flustered really easy especially when out and about and when a bag had a small handle and didn't consider it. This is very similar but is more open and has a bigger handle! I have only seen it in person in tan but they do have it in black and black is defiantly more practical.   

I hope you enjoyed this, I spend far to much time online browsing and well this is my way of justify those countless hours! I have however got a few years for wanting these new clothes like starting my make-up course and starting my freelance career as well as I haven't had new clothes for many many months!!

 Do you like any of the items I've featured?


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