Thursday, 6 February 2014

What's in my Handbag // Warehouse Padlock Handbag

Is it just me or can you also make out a face on pretty much anything!?

Recently I got a new handbag, so naturally I have to do an updated What's in my handbag post! I mainly use my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag as it's my baby - I did a post on it when I first got it last summer! Recently I have started my pro make-up course which means every Sunday I have an hour train journey each way, a bit of walking back and forth and a lot of stuff to carry and my Marc Jacobs bag just isn't big enough, it is also very open so when I am going on the train and walking around busy city centres I just don't feel like it is very safe for it to be totally open. This warehouse bag however is structured without being really bulky like the Zara City Office Bag aka The Blogger Bag which I actually have only used maybe three times because it's too big and I kept knocking into things! (I am also thinking of selling it if anybody if interested, I did a post here if you want to see what it's like.) Anyway enough rambling, so it's structured so you can fit everything in like a game of Tetris, it is zipped at the top so completely secure it also doesn't look really cheap which some chain store bags can look - the material and the finishing of the bag is absolutely perfect. Here is what is typically in my bag:
Lip Products (balm, lipstick & gloss) 
Hair Bobble & Bobby Pins 
Bottle of juice 
Notebook & Pen
Hair Brush 
Make-Up Bag 

That may seem like a lot but it really isn't especially on a Sunday when I take two bottles of juice, my lunch, a brush roll and a really thin textbook on top of what I normally carry!  And if you haven't realised by now I am defiantly somebody that has to be prepared and organised no matter where I am! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post! And if your reading this you are most likely like me and love having a nose at what other people carry around with them, I think it can be quite interesting to see the weird and wonderful things we carry about it our very heavy handbags! 
What are your necessities in your handbag? 


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