Saturday, 17 November 2012

♥ My Monthly Beauty Haul ♥

Hello! If you read my blog often then you might be aware that I haven't done a "haul" for a while, their are a few reasons main reason being that I need to save money as I am dropping my hours at work due to personal reasons and it is also coming up to Christmas and my eight-tenth birthday! Anyway I always have something which I call my "monthly beauty shop" and I thought I would show what I need to get every month, their was a couple of items that I didn't need to get this month so I will list them at the bottom. Normally I need to get more than one of the same item, these items I will mark with a star. So will we just get started?!....


Tresemme 24hr Body - Shampoo and Conditioner*, Amplifying Mousse and Finishing Spray. Bed Head - Hard Head Hairspray. Batiste - Dark and Deep Brown Dry Shampoo. L'Oreal Kids - Sweet Pear Hair De-Tangler*.

Skin Care / Other.

Asda - Skin System - Cosmetic Cotton Wool Pads*, Asda - Protect Deep Cleansing Face Wipes*, Neutragena - Oil-Free Moisturiser,Sure Deoderant*, Satin Care - Sensitve Skin Shaving Gel*, Wilkinson Sword Blades, Sally Hanson - Nail Polish Remover, Pearl Drops - Daily Toothpaste, Colgate - MaxFresh Toothbrush.
Products I didn't need to get:

Neautragena - Visbly Clear - Blackhead Eliminating Cleansing Lotion
Neautragena - Visbly Clear - Blackhead Elimination Triple Action Cleanser
Bourjois - Eye Make-up Remover
Asda - Skin System - Cosmetic Cotton Buds
Listerine - MouthWash
I also didn't need to get any shower products e.g shower gel ect.

I'm not to sure if I have missed anything out but thats all I can think of just now! I also have a question! Why is a haul called "hauls" I don't really understand the meaning of it! Does it mean hauling it around all the shops? Any way I am also wondering if anyone else just gets all they need at one time or do you get it as you need it? Please note - This doesn't catain any make-up I need to get on a monthly basics, if you want to see a post on that, then comment below telling me so! Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!


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