Saturday, 17 November 2012

♥ My Hair Care Routine #1 ♥

I recently watched Lisa Eldridge video on her favourite hair products and styling tools and I found it really interesting, in case you haven't seen it I will like it here. In the feature I will do my favourite styling tools but for now I am going to show you my hair care routine which is really going to show what my favourite products are to use on a daily routine.

To wash my hair I use TRESemme - 24hr Body Shampoo and conditioner, I love these products and I do believe that it does give my hair some "body" as when I don't use these products my hair looks a bit flatter. If you don't want a shampoo or conditioner that gives body then I also like Bed Head - Shampoo and Conditioner - Re-Energiser, It is in a green bottle and smells amazing. I also have eczema and I get it quite bad on my scalp so I use a special shampoo to help this it's called Ketoconazole, the colour of this shampoo is amazing - it's hot pink!

On days were I have no time to wash my hair or there is no need to wash my hair, I will just freshen it up with Batiste - Dry Shampoo in Dark & Deep Brown. I have tried alot of dry shampoo and I always found that even if I used the smallest amount it would leave my hair dis-coloured and with the white powder. I love this as it doesn't leave any dis-colouration and leaves my hair looking fresh.

My hair tends to get more tangled the longer it gets - surprising?! I have found an affordable way to brush my hair without pulling half of it out. I spray L'Oreal Kids - Sweet Pear Tangle Tamer all over my hair and then I brush my hair with Demark - Tangle Tamer Hair Brush. Now it is quite funny that I use L'Oreal Kids - Sweet Pear De-Tangler because my mum used to use it on me when I was a little kids, so I get a flash of my child hood everyday that I use it!

After I was my hair I like to apply either a voluming mousse or spray, recently I have been trying TRESemme - 24hr Body Amplifying Mousse and so far I have liked it - it has to be said it's not amazing but I think it does the job!
I love to use hairspray on a daily basis, whether it's to hold styles or just to give extra volume. My favourite hairspray would defiantly have to be Bed Head - Hard Head Hairspray, I love this stuff because it works so well! I have also been trying the TRESemme - 24hr Body Finishing Spray, so far I have liked the results but I am still testing it out! 

I hope you enjoyed my first hair care routine and when it changes I shall so an updated one for you all! Do you use any of these products? Or do you have any recommendations? If so, comment below!

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