Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Weekly Post #2 // Cream Blush

This weeks weekly post is going to be on cream blusher, I have only recently gotten into wearing cream blush I was always a power blush gal and never really ventured into the land of cream - but I have and it's only really been the past month that I have gotten into them. I have dry skin so putting lots of powder products isn't always great so using creams especially on dry skin is meant to be really good, I personally haven't noticed this as I don't get dry patches on my cheeks but if I did I could see how that works. The only problem I have with cream blushes is that they don't have the same lasting power as powders and I find myself re- apply as the days go on. 

I haven't tried many cream blushers so I am open to any suggestions you may have go me to try! I have however tried some that I do like and some that I'm not so sure of and that's what I am going to tell you about now. First lets talk about the cream blushers that everyone has been talking about - Bourjois Cream Blush (01 & 03) I have been waiting for these to be released ever since I first set eyes on them. There is a bit well a lot of hype around them and I can see why! There is four shades to choose from and I have to say they really do have something for everybody whether you like you peachy blush, rosey pink blush or you deeper brownish pink - you'll find a colour you like! They are creamy products and they give a nice finish o your cheeks with a cream to powder finish. And we'll let's just say for the packaging that I would display this on my vanity table. The only problem I have with this is that you do have to re-apply this as it doesn't have the best staying power and it does start to fade and disappear as the day goes on. My favourite cream blusher is by Mac - Creme Blend blush, I do only have one colour of the cream blushes but I defiantly have my eye on some more! I have LadyBlush with is a gorgeous nude brown blush (that makes it sound horrible! But it's really not!) It's great if you have quite full on make up and just want to give some definition on to your cheeks or if you have really natural makeup and don't want anything that's to obvious - basically it goes with most looks.

Next that's talk about Maybelline - Dream Touch Blush in 02 Peach, now this was the first cream blush I ever tried! And it would be fair to say that I really did love this and for quite a while it was they only blush I used, it is very creamy probably most creamiest (is that even a word?!?) blush I have ever tried. It is very pigmented so be sure you blend it in very well, I had forgotten that I even had this blush until I was preparing for this post so I am defiantly going to make sure I use this more! I am going to be totally honest and say the last blush I'm going to talk to you about - I have never tried! I have had it in my blush drawer for about two months but I have yet to use it, so I can't really tell you may feelings on it all I can really say is how it swatches. It is the Dainty Doll - Cream Blush in 003 Billion Dollar Babies, now I think I haven't used this because the colour isn't really me - now your probably thinking why did you buy it then and well I bought it online for an extremely discounted price. The colour is very dark for what I'm used to its kind of a mauve brown?! But I have to say now that I've swatched it it feels very creamy and blends into a really subtle colour. So I am some point in the up coming week going to try this and I'll might put an update on this post to let you know how I get on! 

Well that's that! I hope this has helped you if you were wanting to know more about cream blush and maybe you seen some products you like the look of! If you have a favourite cream blush please leave me suggestions as I really want to try some more! Thanks for reading! 



  1. I would really recommend the Bobbi Brown Cream Blush, I find it lasts all day on my combination skin and gives a nice glowy look :)

  2. I haven't tried cream blushers yet! (I'm also a powder girl) and my favourite is Bella Bamba by Benefit. Your blog is really cute + i'm a new follower xxx

    1. Thanks! I have Bella Bamba on my wishlist, I just love Benefit boxed powders. I hope this helped you if you've never tried cream blush! Becki x



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