Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Wishlist #1 // Holiday Style

Am I the only on with a metal wishlist?! We all want a walk-in wardrobe with our dream clothes, binge on the latest beauty products and accesorize our self's to the max but not all of our bank balances like for us to do that! I have always found it difficult to remember all of my sought after items so when I heard of an amazing website called Wantworthy - where you can add all your items into your very own page and for organisation freaks like myself you can even create separate lists! Genius - or am I just easily impressed?! You can even add a button to your top bar of your internet and you can add items from any online store - again genius! So I thought I would share a part of my Holiday Style wishlist as I am planning on going on holiday next April and since there won't be much summer items in shops I thought I would get it before and hopefully I will be able to get some of this in the sales! I haven't been abroad in about six plus years and totally miss it as I used to love travelling and exploring new places but everything got so expensive and it just wasn't affordable. The past week I have been spending hours after hours re-searching hotels and holiday clothes - everything. I am going to Portugal which I have been to many times as my grandparents used to live there before my grandad fell ill. In Portugal I have had a lot of my best memories and it defiantly holds a special place in my heart. 

1, Accessorize - This is a navy and white striped holdall with tan trimmings. It says it's a holdall but I believe it is the size of a large handbag! I don't really have any bags like this that I would be happy to use. I am mainly getting it to be my carry-on bag as I would use my Zara Office City Bag but I just carry to much!

2, Accessorize - I love this dress, it looks really nice and light - and since I don't do heat very well, it should hopefully help keep me cool. It is also a nice coral colour and has lots of detail.

3, Next - I have had my eye on these gladiators ever since they came out - I love them because they aren't like anything I've ever seen. The have a almost glittery looking middle with studs around the ankle strap - worst distribution ever! Just look at the picture and you will see what I mean!

4, Ted Baker - I have had my eye the Ted Baker make-up bags with the big bow but I just wasn't sure as I thought it would be to wide for my bag but when I seen this well it appears to be quite compact but I think I'll be able pack a lot into this - the design is also very cute and unique. 

5, Topshop - I have seen this in store a couple of times and really liked it but I mean really when do we get nice enough whether to give this top justice!? It also has a very steep price tag and is very heavy. But I am going to go in-store and try it on!

6 & 9 - I am pairing these together as they will be worn together. I don't own any swimwear that I actually like because I never use it - I wish I did because swimming is one of my favourite things to do, I just don't like any of the pools around me! But I will need a couple of bikinis for going abroad and I have already started working on my bikini body - please cross your fingers that I can achieve it! I love this pattern and it has wiring which is good because the basic triangle bikinis don't work for me if you get what I mean!

7, Asos - This skirt is actually on sale so I am going to purchase it. I have been on a look out for printed skirts and this on caught my eye because its different but it a subtle way. I am looking forward to trying it! 

8, Topshop - I originally seen this when I was looking at the top above (5) as it was paired together on a model and it looked really nice together. I don't normally wear skirts like this but it will be a nice change. 

I hope you enjoyed! If you would like to see more wishlist posts I'll be happy to do them! I will like my personal wantworthy list here, so you can see all my lists and I will be adding much more to them! Thanks for Reading! 



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