Sunday, 6 May 2012


I have a new blog!  You may know me from LoveHearts4ver ? But if not then Welcome!

I decided I wanted to may a real go for it, on my last blog when I started I kind of came and go but I felt I was stuck in a rut doing the same posts all the time, and I thought starting a new blog and doing something a bit different would be good for me. I will stop writing on LoveHearts4ver for now but in time I might make that my lifestyle blog or do something with it but for now all my effort is going into Dreams With Butterflies. I will (try) to post at least once a week but aim for 2 post a week depends on what I have on, my next post will be an about me so you get to know me!

The types of posts I love to do:

- Make-up

- Hauls

- LifeStyle

- Reviews (lots!)


I am very open to suggestions and would love if you follow! This is (hopefully) the start of something big!


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