Sunday, 27 May 2012

Shop & Show - Boots 17

Oops I've bought more make-up! I went in to my local boots to have a look not to buy anything, as I have no money (especially now!) When I came across the clearance section and it had a shelf full of 17 products from foundation to nail polish, I went a bit crazy at first so I went through the basket and only kept the stuff I really wanted. I added it all up and it was going to be about £25+ so I put even more stuff back and kept 6 items, I can't believe I was able to narrow it down!

17 Brush Kit

This was only £2.49, It comes in with 5 brushes! I have had this set before when I first started make-up and there good quality for there normal price so at £2.49 there a steal! The brushes they come with :

-Powder Brush
-Eye Shadow Brush
-Eye Shadow Sponge
-Eye & Lip Liner
-Lip Colour Brush

17 Loose Powder

I have never really fancied trying loose powders, I have always stuck to pressed powders. This is normally £5.50 but I got it for £2.74. I look forward to trying it out.

17 Spring Fling - Spring Brights

I seen this ages ago when it first came out at the begging of spring but thought I have so many eye shadows similar to them and for there normal price (£5.99) But when I seen it for £2.49 I had to!

17 Sheer Moisture Lipstick

I love the formula of most of the 17 lipsticks but haven't yet tried the Sheer Moisture range, I got the lipstick in Pink Chiffon. It's a light to medium pink with blue flex which we know makes your teeth whiter which is always a good thing! The lipstick was £2.15.

17 Instant Glow Bronzing Powder

I have always been stuck onto 2 of my favourite bronzers but this looks perfect as it has a tiny hint of shimmer and looks to be a good colour, I got light. It was only £2.30.

17 Instant Glow -Wash Off Self-Tan in Light Shimmer

I normally have very pale skin and I don't tan. As my skin is dry and it gets very dry in certain areas, so I normally think it's best just to be my normal pale self as being streaky is not a good look but I thought at £2.50 if it's a wash off tan then it might even be okay on my legs!

I will let you all know how I get on with these products especially the bronzer and self tanner!


  1. you got some great bargains! The clearance section in Boots is my fav, i picked up a babyliss curling wand for £8 a few weeks ago! Lovely blog btw, now following via hellocotton! x

    1. I know I should look there more often! That's amazing I wish I could get that, is it any good? Thanks so much! Becki x



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