Monday, 7 May 2012

Shop and Show: Leighton Denny

My mum is a huge watcher of the QVC shopping and last week when she was ill she picked up some bargains for me, and I thought they would be great to show! So lets get started...

7 piece Spring into Summer
It comes in a hot fushia pink case with a detachable mirror, and I good space inside, I now store all my chunky braclets and bangels in it!

The set comes with 5 High Proformance Nail Polishes, A Crystal Finish Top Coat an a spray can of Miracle Mist.

The High Proformance Nail Colours are:

Starkers - Nearly nude

Sundae Girl - Light pastel pink

Plush Pink - A vibrant hot pink

Maroon Me Knot - Vibrant Purple

Sunburst - Bright Orange

It also comes with a Crystal Finish Top Coat

and a can off Miracle Mist! I have tried this a few times now and if it really good and if it keeps working there will be a post coming!

I also got the 5 peice heros collection which I won't be writing about as it is about nail care which my mum is more interested in but I still use it occasionally but I am not in love with it and don't feel motivated to write about it, but here's some pictures!


  1. Beautiful colours hun, trying to figure out where the follow button is on here:)
    Sara xx

  2. Wow, that looks great. Will defo be checking out QVC for this x

    1. It really is such a great range of colours as well as finishing products! X



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