Saturday, 19 May 2012

Shop & Show - Accessorize

I have had my eye on a bag and a pair of shoes but wanted to wait and save my money as I don't need any more bags or pairs of shoes, until my puppy Macy ate another pair of my shoes! And they weren't laying around! They were in a bag at the front door just before I was about to leave! Anyway I decided I had no other choice but get another pair of shoes! And get a bag to go with them, now it wasn't what I had my eye on but I kind of like these better...

It's called "Ladylike Turn Lock Bag" it was £35 from Accessorize. From first impressions it looks sturdy, stylish and quite a lot of room.

These shoes are called "Rose Suede Ballerina Shoes" and they were £30 also from Accessorize. They are very comfy from first impressions with the elastic band around the top, the only thing I am worried about is the back of the shoes. I think they might dig in to my ankle but I will probably soften.

Have you ever gotten any bags or shoes from Accessorize?

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