Saturday, 12 May 2012

Current Beauty Favourites : Batiste Dry Shampoo

I don't really like to do monthly favourites instead I like to do current favourites both beauty favourites and other which can be tv or person related ect.  But anyway it's I'll be talking about a beauty product today and I'll get right into it!

Product - Quite simply it's a dry shampoo, that does what a dry shampoo should takes oil out of your hair!

How it Works? - Hold the can 2 inches from your scalp, section your hair and spray into your roots. Then  rub into your scalp.

Packaging - Their is different styles of patterns on every tin due to their different scents, Clean & Classic has multi-coloured stripes. The can is just like a hairspray can.

Price - £4.99 for 400ml

My Thoughts? - I have had a wee tin of this tried it once and didn't like this a few months later I tried it again and absolutely loved it! I have now tried two of their scents/ effects, I am so glad it finally works! I now don't need to wash my hair everyday instead I was it every other day.

What dry shampoos have you tried?


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