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Monthly Favourites // June 13

I feel like I never know how to start a monthly favourites post without saying I can't believe the month is over! And well this month thinking about it - that actually isn't true, it has felt like June would never end! It seemed to last forever - I've tried a few new products this month and I have also re-discovered some products within my collection. 

MAC - Face & Body Foundation - C1

I have been using this foundation for over a year (on and off) and I have always loved it but I gave it a break and used it one day and it felt like I was using a brand new foundation. I love how it is very build able so you can get whatever coverage you want from it really. 

Bourjois - Bronzing Powder - 51

I have given my Benefit Hoola a rest and gone with a bronzer that is much lighter. In fact these bronzer are complete opposite - I love using this bronzer on an fluffy angled brush as it adds colour and a bit of dimension to your face. I am however wanting to get Nars - Laguna bronzer so if you've tried it could you leave your thoughts in the comments below!?

Elf - Golden Bronzer - Golden 

Even though they call this a bronzer - it really isn't, please do not use this product as a bronzer!!! However this is a really pretty subtle highlight for your cheekbone and even on your brow bone. 

MAC - Rice Paper Eyeshadow

This was the first MAC eye-shadow I bought coming up for two years ago!! And I totally loved it in fact I had hit pan on it but the my dog knocked some of my make-up drawers smashing alot of my products - and I had never really gotten around to re-purchasing it but I have and have fallen back in love with it! 

Blistex - Intensive Moisturiser Lip Balm

For some reason this mouth my lips have been extremely dry and chapped and nothing was helping not even my favourite that always works! I went onto the boots website and looked for there most intensive lip balm and this is it! This is my miracle products as soon as I put it on it started to work - a full review is on its way! 

Toni & Guy - Sea Salt Texturising Spray

I have been trying salt sprays out for a few months now and I really love this one, the smell is amazing and it gives your hair nice texture as long as your don't put to much in or it will go all crunchy like and nobody wants crunchy hair!

TRESemme - Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment

I had seen a lot of other beauty bloggers talking about how good this products was and I was in the market for a new conditioner so I thought might as well treat my hair to a deep conditioner as I don't was my hair every day as it is to long and takes me a while do wash, dry and style it. I do like this product but not completely convinced but I think that's because I don't use the line of products it goes with. 

The Body Shop - Cranberry Joy Body Butter

Now I have only been using this for just over a week and a bit but I loved it from the moment I got it. First off it is from there Christmas collection so I got it for £3! And it is there full sized body butter which I thought was a great deal. The smell is very unique and it leaves your skin feeling amazing hours and hours later! 

Real Techniques - Duo Fibre Collection (LE)

This set got realsed at the end of May and I spent a lot of time searching for it but they were worth the wait. I think it shows how much I love them by the fact that I got 2 sets! 

Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush 

This is also a new addition to my brush collection, it has been on my wishlist for a while. I love the ways it applies foundation. It would also be great to use with cream bronzer as it would fit into the hollows of your cheeks just nicely - and as always with Real Techniques brushes it is great quality and a great price. 

Ted Baker - Summer Bloom Make-Up Bag

This is also new a new purchase, I didn't need it just now but I got it in preparation for my holiday next April as it is a great shape (a shape that a lot of make-up bags don't have). It is quite compact but has a good amount of space inside and of course it has a cute design on it - Ted Baker make-up bags are my favourite, I have a small collection that is quickly growing. 

Random Favourites -


Big Brother

The Vampire Diaries

Selena Gomez - Slow Down

Jason Derulo - The Other Side 

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

I hope you enjoyed! I have to say I have done my favourites a bit late this month for me as I usually have them up on the 31st or 1st but I hope you enjoyed them anyway!


  1. I really want to try the new Real Techniques brushes I just haven't got around to buying them yet. I've been really enjoying watching the tennis x

    1. If you want them I would get them pretty soon I don't know how long there out for! x

  2. I love my NARS Laguna Bronzer. I rotate this with Benefit Hoola and MAC Harmony as my contour powders. I have a similar skin tone to you as well (MAC NC15) so I think it will work well on you. X

    1. I also you Benefit's Hoola but want something a bit more subtle and glowy, I am definitely going to get it! x



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