Monday, 8 July 2013

Collective Haul // River Island, Ted Baker, Accesorize, Mac, Boots & Much More...

I think were all aware that I have a problem with shopping - well I have done a lot of hauls in my time and I don't even haul everything I get! But I have a good excuse for why I have been getting stuff recently and that is because I am going on holiday - sadly not this year but in April next year. Since I am going in April there won't be much or any summer-y clothes so I have seen some things I really like and have got them for putting away. I am somebody to that loves to organise and plan things out - with that being said I didn't want to get so much clothes that nothing went, so I have planned out my outfits for the the eight days and I am going to show you some of the items I bought. 

I going to start with the best bargain - I got the Cranberry Joy Body Butter (full size), Born Lippy Lip Balm in Pink Berry and Strawberry Body Wash for £5.50!!! The Body Butter alone should be more than that! Your probably wondering how I got all of that for this well... I had a voucher for a free lip balm and then the body butter was on sale and I got a discount card! I also ordered stuff from MAC - not everything that is in the picture! I got a new brush cleaner as I had ran out and its my favourite and I got a pro palette with the 15 slot insert and a new Rice-paper eye-shadow as mine smashed (In the first row, 2nd down). Escentual which is the website I get my bioderma from and they resently had a sale on which only had a few pounds of it but I need some anyway so I got a bigger normal sized bottle and a really cute baby one! 

As we all know one of my top shops is Boots - I'm there so often I've gotten to know some of the staff well and they recognise me! Proud or shameful? Anyway on to what I got - Vaseline - Spray & Go amazing, good for hot days as the mist is really cooling. A new Soap & Glory - Clean on Me my favourite body wash and I have finally gotten around to getting the St Tropez - Bronzing Mousse as it was on sale - normally fake tan smells a bit dodgy but this smells really nice and gives a nice tan. I am also trying out new shampoos so I am trying the Soap & Glory - Glad Hair Day as I used to use it a few years ago. TRESemme - Platinum Strength Deep Conditioner to get my locks silky smooth. To help protect my hair as I use quite a bit of heat on it is the TRESemme - Kartin Smooth Heat Protectant also for my hair I got a mini Toni & Guy - Seat Salt Spray which I really like and will defiantly purchase the full size, it smells amazing and does gives texture to my hair and makes my curls/waves more beachy/ natural which I really like. I also got this a wee while ago now and I only got it because I read a good review of it on a blog that was at the release but I don't like it does anything that it really says! I am talking about the Garnier - 5 Sec Perfect Blur. It only makes your skin feel softer and well you can use a moisturiser for that and it is also very over priced for what feels like is next to nothing in the very long tube! As I mentioned in my June favourite post here, my lips have been extremely chapped and nothing was working so I got this little gem - now it doesn't look like much but this stuff is amazing! Oh I should say this is the Blistex - Intensive Moisturiser.

As I mentioned at the begging of this post I am going on holiday at the end of April and the sun cream and after sun I was going to get was on sale so since they will last I thought I would get now and put it away but in fact I might need it now by the way they weathers been recently. I got  the Hawaiian Tropic - Silk Hydration spf 30 and Silk Hydration After Sun. I also mentioned this in my last two posts but mainly in my post called - "Handbag Beauty Essentials" link here, I recently got within the last 2 weeks and love everything about it including the colours, pattern and size. I think it will be good for a make-up bag for your handbag as well as to go into my carry on bag. The name of this is Ted Baker - Summer Bloom Make-up Bag. 

Stripped Tote - Accessorize // Floral Play-suit - River Island // Black Detailed Maxi Skirt - River Island //

I also got blue leggings but there in the washing as I've already worn then so I will put a link to them on the River Island here.

Again I got all of these items for going away in April but I will wear them here to, especially the black maxi skirt as maxi skirts are my favourite and the denim look leggings as they are so comfy. The stripped tote bag is from accessorize and is now in the sale but I got it before it went into the sale - I thought this would be a great overnight bag /carry-on bag /beach bag as it has lots of space. I also got this floral play-suit from River Island, which is something I don't normally wear but it will be really nice in hot weather with a tan! I also got this Black Maxi Skirt and as I said before I love a maxi skirt and this one has really nice and unique detailing around the hem line and along the front of the maxi skirt - it does also come in cream which is really nice but I don't know - what do you think? These denim look leggings are seriously the most comfiest pair of trousers I have ever worn - I don't know if it is just me but I really don't think jeans are comfy. These are from River Island. 

If you made it to the end of this post, I have to congratulate you! This was quite a long post but that is purely because I have bought a lot of stuff and wanted to share it with you! Do you prefer shorter or longer posts? Let me know in the comments as it will be really helpful. Also if you have any requests leave them below. 


  1. I really need to pick up the brush cleanser!

    1. It's great for spot cleaning throughout the week - but it's not for deep cleaning your brushes! Becki x

  2. Great haul, really love the Ted Baker makeup bag! Really nice for the summer too.

    1. I know! And it is very practical! Becki x



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