Monday, 22 July 2013

My Wishlist #2 // If Money was No Issue...

We all have those items we want but well our bank balances don't quite agree with us. I don't really care for expensive clothes but I would love to have more nice handbags and a few pairs of nice high heels so that it what this post is mainly going to be on! I also have to warn you there is some amazing items below and you will most likely want them!

1, Celine - Micro Luggage Tote // Now I really would have this bag in about six different colours (black, tan, pale pink, bright pink, light khaki and mint). I just love it so so so much and I would love to have them - and one day I will! 

2, Mulberry - The Bayswater Texture Leather Handbag // Again I would have this in many colours but this is the colour I would really like and well everyone wants a Mulberry!?

3, Chanel - 2.55 // This is the classic Chanel bag that if you can afford it then it's a must. I again really hope I will get it and one day I will! (Do you see a theme?)

4, Michael Kors - Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch // I am very pacific about things I like especially when it comes to expensive jewellery and well this watch ticks all the boxes! 

5, Tiffany & Co. - Bow Earrings // Now these are very expensive but well there pretty and there bows - enough said!

6, Tiffany & Co. - Bow Ring // This matches the earrings and again it is expensive but it's a bow!

7, Christian Louboutin - Bianca 140 suede platform pumps // These are just gorgeous  they just look so classic but very girly and would bring so much to an outfit!

8, Ray-Ban - Aviator Metal Sunglasses // If l lived in a place where it was regularly sunny and I would wear them a lot I would definitely get them but we rarely get sunny weather and well the past few weeks have been rather unusual. 

9, Christian Louboutin - Miss Benin 160 leather slingbacks // Is it just me or do these shoes just speak to you? I mean there gorgeous in every way possible!

Well that is my wishlist of things I would love to have sadly my bank won't allow it but with some saving I will hopefully get similar item. Did you see any items that you would also love to own? If so, leave a comment below and tell me! If you want to have a peek at these items I have them on a list on my wantworthy page in a list called Dreaming and I will link the list here. Thanks for Reading!



  1. Great picks! I'd love to have all of them haha. I'm very lucky and have a couple of Mulberry bags (including the Bayswater) and the Michael Kors watch, and can say that although they might be expensive, I think they're worth it :) xx

    D Is For...

    1. Lucky you! I think I'm going to get a Michael Kors watch for my christmas. I always think it's nice to treat yourself with some nice bags and belongings! Becki x



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