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♥ My new Skin Care Routine! - August 12 ♥


One of my most viewed posts on this blog is my skin care routine, and since that has changed I thought it was very important to update you all! So I'll jump right into it ...

I have been trying a new routine for just under a month and all ready, I'm loving it! The main reasons I wanted to try something new was because I didn't think it was improving my skin greatly, I thought theres better stuff out there and it was expensive for what it is!

Exfoliation & Mask

To exfoliate I use a three in one products Neutrogena - Visibly Clear - Blackhead Eliminating Triple Action Cleanser (wow), I love this so much because it's a three in one! It has a daily scrub, daily wash and a weekly mask, to achieve each you simply use it a different way e.g leave it on for longer or apply more.


To take of my make-up I switch between two products Asda - Protect Deep Cleansing Face Wipes  and Neutrogena - Visibly Clear - Blackhead Eliminating Cleansing Lotion (that's a mouth full!), and when I use the Neutrodena cleansing lotion, I'll use Simple Eye Make-up Remover. Both with cotton pads also from asda.

For an everyday moisturiser I use Neutrogena - Visibly Clear - Oil-free Moisturiser, this feels amazing on my skin and I have noticed that my skin doesn't look dry.
Spot Control

In the past month and a bit, I have had quite bad ance and I believe it's my hairspray that's been causing it as the spots are on my forehead and side of my face. I have now stopped using the hairspray and hope it gets better. To clear the spot ups I have been using the same range, Neutrogena - Visibly Clear - Rapid Clear Treatment.

I do like these products, as I said last time, I could still perfect it but as of now I much prefer this and it is much cheaper! All products cost the same as my moisturiser from my last skin care routine! Do
you use these products? Or would you like to recommend any products? If so, comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I would love to try this set, especially the exfoliation and mask triple action. It sounds promising.

    newest follower here, found you through the blog hop. Hope you can check out my blog too :)



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