Sunday, 23 September 2012

♥ Updated What's in My Bag! Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran shoulder bag! ♥

I got a Marc By Marc Jacobs Handbag! I have fallen in love....

Anyway Hi! Today I am going to do an updated what's in my handbag, I am doing an updated post for two reasons. Reason one - I got a Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag! (If you didn't already guess!) Reason two - I don't like my last post! It's just not good enough! So shall we jump into the post ...

Firstly I will tell you about my new handbag, It's by Marc by Marc Jacobs and is called the Classic Fran Q Shoulder Bag in Cinnamon Stick . It is made out of "genuine Italian leather", so it looks and feels more amazing! And on the front of the bag is a little signature gold plaque that most Marc by Marc Jacobs bags have, under that at the bottom of the bag is four cute pleats. Also on the front of the bag are really cute finishing touches like the little Marc Jacobs bolts an the shape under the bolts (I love them so much it convinced me to get that bag! A bit sad and pathetic I know!) The bag has two straps a shorter handle and a long strap, normally I just leave the strap sitting over the front of the bag as it gives it a nice look.

Inside the bag is the signature Marc Jacobs lining, with the zip pocket and two small open pockets, for fastening there is a very strong magnetic button at the top then under that us a tan strap with a gold catch. I would say it's a good everyday size, you quite fit a very big makeup bag which is actually a good thing because I have down sized everything I carry so that it isn't to heavy, and it fit everything I need to carry nicely but I wouldn't say its a bag that is big enough to travel with! I bought it from Harvey Nichols almost a month ago but couldn't find it on their website so instead here is a link to Selfridges.

So what's in my bag?

My mobile
iPod touch

Make-up bag
(post coming soon)
Hairbrush (s)

(please note umbrella underneath sunglasses, only in the uk!)
Diary & pen

Little pink emergency bag!
(e.g paracetamols, magalieve, tampons, bar of chocolate, hair clip ect)

Little bottle of juice

This is what I normally have in my bag day to day, but it does change. I try to keep what I carry to a minimum due to the fact I can put everything including the kitchen sink in my bag and it weigh me down for the entire day! Thanks for reading, and tell me what kind of bag you have!

Thanks for reading!


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