Monday, 8 April 2013

♥ Selena Gomez Inspired Nails! ♥

(In case your wondering I print screened this from my iphone only
I could get a photo, sorry for quality! Best there was!)
Hello... How are we all today? Today I am going to share with you my take on Selena Gomez's nails, this is from the interview she did with Ryan Secrest on his show "On Air With Ryan Secrest" today. Some members of Ryan's team asked Selena some questions and one of them asked what Selena had on her nails, she said that it was Opi but she couldn't remember the colour. She had two colours on her nails a deep red with purple undertones and a shimmery gold nail polish on her ring finger. I loved her nails because they were so simple but still really stylish with the gold accent nail. Unfortunately you could get a good look at her nails just a quick peek while she moved her hands so from what I can see I got the gold colour to and almost dupe for the colour she was wearing however the purple-ly red isn't s exact its close but hers have more red in it and I didn't have a colour that similar but this still goes well it just has more purple in it.

- Remove any nail polish that you have on, then file and shape your nails - Selena's nails were a medium length and rounded (just a bit longer than my nails). Then apply a base coat to protect your nails, I am using Opi - Natural Nail Straightener. You may be able to notice in the picture that my nails are looking a bit damaged this is due to the fact I had glitter nail polish on that really didn't want to come off prior to doing this!

- I am then applying four coats of Opi - Houston We Have a Purple (no that is not a typing error I did apply four thin coats of this nail polish due to the simple fact that it is very sheer!) Like I said earlier this isn't an exact colour but I really wanted to get this up today so I am going to stick with it. For the gold on the ring finger I am using 17 - Gilt this from what I can see is almost exact but I very much doubt that Selena used 17.

- I am now using Opi - Rapid Dry Top Coat to add shine and to protect my nails. I am also going to use my trusted Leighton Denny - Miracle Drops to dry my nails in a few instants! I am then using cotton buds with nail polish remover on then to clean up any mistakes and make it look nicer - nobody wants messy nails!

And it's that simple! There's not much to this but I just really like this colour combo, sometimes I find it difficult to chose what colours to put and my nails and I love Selena's style so it would make sense that I love her nails! I hope you enjoyed!

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