Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Collective Beauty Haul // Chanel, GHD, Mac & Much More!!!

As you can tell by the photos above I've done some shopping recently. I know, I know I have a problem I am trying to fix it but my wishlist just keeps getting bigger and it;'s getting hard to control! Now since this might take a while I'm not going to ramble on, I'm just going to get straight into it. So lets start with one of the most exciting products and one that I actually used my boots advantage points (yes I had more than £30 on my boots card!) And that is a foundation I have been lusting after for quite a while and that is the Chanel - Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation, I have already used this a few times and love the formula it is a light coverage foundation but it covers what needs covered as it claims to be an "ultra light skin perfecting make-up" and that it totally true. I will defiantly to a review one I have tried it out more! Mac is a love hate place for me I love all the products but prices keep going up and up, lipsticks have gone up to £15! But I still love them! I was wanting to get the Studio Finish Concealer as it is heavy coverage and as I have been using a light coverage foundation certain areas just needed a helping hand! I then got two eye-shadows in the pan form for my pro palette which I am starting to fill up, I got charcoal Brown for my eyebrows and also got Embark as its a really nice matt brown with a hint of purple. I also got a free lipstick - yes you heard right! I took six old Mac containers back and got a free lipstick, I chose Chatterbox which is an amplified creme formula and is a bright red pink which is completely out of my personal comfort zone but since it was free I thought why not give it a go! Now I've wanted to try the Maybelline - Baby Lips ever since they came out in America and they have finally came to the UK after a very long wait! I got the colour Pink Punch but I have three more on my list to get as they are only £2.99 and are really good - what a bargain! I then got one of the Revlon - Kissable Balm Stains which I am now regretting as when I swatches it (multiple times!) it looked like a really natural but when its on your lips it actually more of a light brown which I really don't like! The next two items I got a few days ago as there was a offer on and I've been meaning to get them for ages! And that is Real Techniques make-up brushes - the offer was buy one get one half price which means I saved just over the £5 which is quite good! I got the powder brush and the blush brush and they are honestly amazing, so soft and work so well. I think I pretty much have all the brushes bar 3 so I might do a Real Techniques Collection / Mini Review, so if you want to see that let me know in the comments. 

I've been trying to find Essie's - Fiji for months now but every time I go in they don't have it or I forget to look but finally they had it and I remembered. If you don't have this nail polish then you have to go straight to Boots and pick it up its the most universal nail polish you could get and looks so pretty and polished on your nails. I haven't put another colour on my nails since getting this, I just keep re-doing it! Anybody that paints there nails will say the one annoying thing about painting your nails is waiting for them to dry and if you have that problem then please get the Seche Vite - Fast Drying Top Coat your nails are completely dry to the touch within a minute and you can get on with your day without worrying if there going to smudge - a complete life saver! 

I love travel sized products because you can try products out to see if you like them and I have been wanting to try new shampoo and conditioner, so I picked up Toni & Guy - Shampoo and Conditonar for damaged hair. I also got the Toni & Guy - Cleanse Dry Shampoo  which is good but the smell is very overwhelming so don't think I'm going to get that in full size! I also got the Aussie - 3 Minute Miracle which is amazing and I've been wanting to try the Umberto Giannini - Backbomb in a Bottle, which sound like it could add so volume to my hair! I have also gotten the Macadamia - Healing Oil Treatment as the ends of my hair is really dry and it does wonders! Can we please just take a minute and talk about my new straightener?!? Are they not the nicest most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? Okay that might be excessive but they are amazing! In the photo they are coming of my blue when they are more of a mint blue (there is a big difference :) ) They work really well and they look so nice sitting on my vanity/ dressing table, I even wanted to decorate my room around them but I decided against that! (I am however decorating my room!) 

I feel like in every haul I do I have a new bottle of Bioderma and that's because I go through this stuff very quickly, so I've gotten a 500ml bottle and lets see how long that lasts! I also wanted to get some pore strips and I've heard alot of good things about the Biore - Deep Cleansing Pore Strips I've only used them once so not quite sure how I feel about them! I am also trying to sort my skin out so I've gotten Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleanser and Oilatum - Natural Repair Face Cream and my skin is already starting to look better! 

If you would like a review on any of the items featured and once I have a clear review of them I would be happy to do that! 

Thanks for Reading! 


  1. That's some haul! Looks like you got some great buys :). I forgot how much I love Backcomb in a Bottle until a few days ago xx

    D Is For...

    1. I know, you know you've shopped to much when it takes you days to write this and its only the beauty stuff I bought! It's the first time I've tried it I quite like it but I've not fully tested it out! Becki xx

  2. Hi Becki, How are you getting on with Cetaphil? I've seen it posted everywhere but i'm a bit skeptical as i have acne prone oily skin?

    Thanks Sam xoxo

    1. Hi Sam, I still have a little bit of acne but I think that's done to stress ect but I do think it is helping. I know use the cleanser and moisturiser and I have dry skin but it says its suitable for all skin types. I would defiantly say to try it! Becki x



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