Friday, 8 June 2012

Shop and Shop - Real Techniques

I am very excited to get these as I wanted to test them out before I get them to put in my kit, as I am going to be going on a make-up course soon! And I've heard great things about all of the Real Techniques brushes.

Core Collection

This is all you really need to do your face make-up and it's a great price at only £21.99 for four good quality brushes. The core collection includes:

Detailer Brush:

This is the smallest brush and would be great for applying concealer on blemishes.

Pointed Foundation Brush:

I personally think this brush is far to small to apply foundation but is the perfect size for under eye concealer.

Buffing Brush:

This brush is so soft! And can't wait to try this with my foundation, I think it will be great.

Contour Brush:

This as it suggests will be great for contouring and for applying blush.

The brushes come in a black case with individual holders and all brushes have taklon bristles which make the brushes so soft!

Starter Kit

The starter kit also contains all you really need for doing your eyes. The kit contains five brushes and also comes in a black case, all five brushes also have talkon bristles and was also £21.99.

Brow Brush:

The angled brush has dense bristles, which will be great for filling in eye brows.

Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush:

I have never used this type of brush to apply eyeliner, I have only ever used an angled brush. So I look forward to seeing how I get on with it.

Accent Brush:

This is a very small brush so is an ideal size for highlighting or smudging eyeliner.

Deluxe Crease Brush:

This crease brush is quite big so it would be easy to blend shadows together.

Base Shadow Brush:

As the title says to apply base shadows across yor eye lids.

Have you got any Real Technique brushes? If so I would love to hear about your thoughts in the comments below!


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